#NotTheGP Baku: All three Formula 1 drivers crash into each other

(Motorsport-Total.com) – At #NotTheGP in Azerbaijan, the three participating Formula 1 drivers, Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris and Nicholas Latifi, collided with each other, leaving the field to Sim racers.

Lando Norris, Nicholas Latifi

Collision between Norris and Latifi: Later they collided with Leclerc



Leclerc’s evening in particular was a tragicomedy: while Latifi and Norris qualified in third and fourth place, Leclerc delivered a scene that could have come from the real Ferrari team in Formula 1: he missed the timing and didn’t get a timed lap there. Ferrari has made such timing errors several times in real Formula 1 in recent years.

In the race, Latifi and Norris collided at the beginning of the second lap in turn 2 in the battle for third place. Norris misjudged the McLaren when braking and cleared the Williams driver, both spun. Almost at the same time, Leclerc also fell back after a good first lap due to a separate collision in curve 1.

Afterwards, the three Formula 1 drivers, now all with damaged cars, met at the virtual Baku City Circuit at the end of the round. There was a collision that eliminated Norris on the spot. Leclerc dragged himself back to the pits. However, he gave up a few laps later after another collision.

Only Latifi was able to finish the race, but had lost too much time due to the collisions. He finished seventh.

The race saw a gripping showdown between the Sim racers Cem Bolukbasi and James Baldwin, who had a spectacular duel in the last four laps. They overtook several times in the course of the final phase.

In the end, the strategy should be the decisive factor: Bolukbasi always attacked with DRS on the start / finish straight, Baldwin always countered on the back straight. This ultimately ensured that Bolukbasi got DRS again on the way to the finish line. So he won the race for the blink of an eye for himself.

Leclerc desperate for Ragunathan

A show was also the appearance of Mahaveer Ragunathan. The Indian enjoys cult status in the Internet community. He was in Formula 2 in 2019, where he not only drew attention to himself with an extremely weak pace, but also with strange situations. For example, when he drove to a run-off area in real Baku and then couldn’t manage to turn. As a result, his engine overheated.

Of course, his dubious reputation has also reached Formula 1 drivers. And so Leclerc in particular kept joking. But he already crashed into Ragunathan in qualifying. When he didn’t get a timed lap, he had to admit that he was beaten by Ragunathan in qualifying.

In the race it was again the Indian with whom he had to deal. Leclerc was actually past Ragunathan, but he got DRS on the straight. “You’re not going to overtake me now?” Leclerc asked rhetorically, but he was powerless against the DRS. Shortly afterwards there was a crash. Leclerc has to admit stunned: “I collided with Mahaveer.”

The Internet community took the opportunity to create some memes entitled “Things that scare Charles Leclerc”. With a picture of Mahaveer Ragunathan. By the way, the Indian finished the race and finished eleventh.

A second planned race with reverse grid no longer took place because numerous drivers lost connection to the server before the start.

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