Not enough emotion in F1? “It’s a bit sterile,” says Hulkenberg

( – Since this Formula 1 season, Nico Hülkenberg has strengthened the RTL team of experts and has already analyzed one or two Grand Prix for the station. In his private life, he watches the races when he’s not working as a TV expert, but mostly elsewhere, as he reveals to the podcast “Nice am Stil” by ‘GQ’.

Nico Hulkenberg

Nico Hülkenberg sees Formula 1 as a showbiz that needs to be fed



Then neither RTL nor Sky are on the program. “I don’t have any Sky. I can’t afford it, it’s too much,” jokes Hulkenberg. “But as a driver you are of course at the source at FOM. I have a subscription for Formula 1 TV and mostly watch the English commentary from Sky England.”

In addition to his point of view, the commentators there are “doing a really good job,” enthuses the German. “You work it out so well in detail. You have so many good people who really understand it.” And for all the emotionality that the microphone experts sometimes carry away, they are always neutral and not partial.

Hülkenberg: Racing needs birds of paradise

“They simply comment on what is happening and do not take their side. You simply explain to the viewer how it is, and then you can decide for yourself what you think of it,” the ex-Formula 1 driver praised the international Colleagues.

When asked about the German TV team, the topic falls on pit lane reporter Kai Ebel, who is best known for his crazy stylings. “Wild and colorful,” comments Hülkenberg, “but that’s just how it is, the quay. I mean, that’s also good in the paddock. We don’t always just need people walking around in university clothes, we also need a little something louder, a weird bird. “

After all, Formula 1 is also about entertainment at the end of the day. “It’s sport for the actors, but for most people it’s an industry and a business, and entertainment too. And for the owners, for Liberty, it’s a business too. It thrives on entertainment and people like that. . that the stars are coming. “

“Formula 1 is ultimately show business”

Of course, this is not the case during Corona. “But how many world stars have walked in over the past few years,” remembers Hülkenberg. “At the end of the day, that’s show business too.” And a lot is expected of the drivers here too – not just on the track. Often one press event follows the next.

But critical voices complain that the same phrases are usually heard over and over again. How does Hulkenberg see it? “It has become a bit sterile, especially compared to 30 or 40 years ago. It was a little different then,” he notes.

That has to do with the general public and the commercialization of sport. “It’s a double-edged sword for the drivers,” the German defends his colleagues. “Show emotions, yes, that’s good. But we have another race next week.” And a high can quickly be followed by a low.

A “double-edged sword” for the drivers

The 33-year-old doesn’t think much about commenting on a success excessively. “As an athlete, you want to keep the lid open a bit,” he says. “If you’re good once and not the next week, then they think, yes, look at that loudmouth, why was he trumpeting so and now he won’t get anything on the chain again.”

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As an athlete, you have to maintain a certain balance on this point, “but of course show a little bit from time to time,” says Hülkenberg and reveals: “I didn’t trumpet that too much, I just enjoyed it inside and then also with my loved ones instead of outwardly. Because if things go bad the next week … It swings back and forth very quickly. “

Surely that also depends on the individual type. He wanted to protect himself to a certain extent. Because: “A lot is recorded and sometimes taken out of context, the words a little twisted.”

“But what I noticed during the time that I was away: As an actor, when you are in it yourself, the perception is sometimes completely different. You are so busy with yourself and you have blinkers on. And now I’m on away, have a little distance and also see everything a little differently. It’s really interesting how the feeling and the perception shift. “

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