Nord Stream 2: Now the US is ready for the next blow against the Putin pipeline

According to the Reuters news agency, citing an anonymous source, two senators are due to take punitive measures against the construction of the Putin pipeline next week. Accordingly, no ship involved in the construction may call the United States.

Assets in the United States are also expected to be frozen. In the United States, there is a rare agreement between Republicans and Democrats on the subject of Nord Stream 2: both reject the project. Washington had previously imposed sanctions.

Ukraine and several EU countries also want to prevent completion. The pipeline was originally scheduled to be ready by the end of last year. Germany, where Nord Stream 2 is due to land, had criticized the US sanctions.

Russia is undeterred

Russia is sticking to the construction of the controversial Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline, despite new threats of US sanctions. The plans have not changed, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow said on Thursday in Moscow to the Interfax agency. “Our position on such sanctions is well known. It is extremely negative.” Peskow responded to statements by the outgoing US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell. According to the ambassador, there is “bipartisan approval” for new punitive measures in the United States.

Peskow said: “We believe that such efforts are nothing more than a continuation of unfair competition and acts that violate international law.” Nord Stream 2 AG had expressed similar comments and spoke of “illegal discrimination against European companies”.

Grenell: USA are preparing further sanctions against Nord Stream 2

The United States continues to fight against the commissioning of the German-Russian Baltic Sea pipeline. The outgoing US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, told the “Handelsblatt” after a meeting last week with senators and members of parliament: “Further sanctions meet non-partisan approval.” Despite the election campaign, legislation could move ahead quickly. He asked the federal government to fundamentally rethink its Russia policy. “Germany has to stop feeding the beast while not paying enough for NATO.”

The announced new US sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline have met with criticism from the state government and the state parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Energy Minister Christian level (SPD) said on Thursday that he thinks it is irresponsible to make an infrastructure project of the European energy industry a political game ball. Europe needs a secure gas supply.

“That is why we are expressly sticking to the construction of the gas pipeline, which has been approved in accordance with the rule of law,” said the minister. He advocated a “rational economic dialogue with the Russian partners”. In addition, the world has to do with the fight against the corona virus. “We don’t need senseless economic blockages,” he said.

In the case of Nord Stream 2, the USA pursues its own energy policy interests

The CDU Group’s spokesman for energy policy, Franz-Robert Liskow, admitted that the USA was pursuing its own energy policy interests in the case of Nord Stream 2 USA, which was not a problem. However, the interests of the United States and Germany are not identical at the point. “It is not very natural for Europe to ship US natural gas to Europe in a costly and ecologically unacceptable way,” he said. From a national policy perspective, there are important reasons for continuing to support Nordstream 2. The country is already benefiting from the construction of the line. “There may be other options for adding value, such as the construction of a gas power plant at the Lubmin energy site.”

The opposition left-wing faction called for the red card for the US and its sanctions policy. German and European energy policy is not a matter for Donald Trump or his ambassador, said energy policy spokeswoman Mignon Schwenke. “The Federal Government should work to ensure that the EU responds to gas escalation from the United States in the event of a further escalation, including countermeasures in the form of punitive tariffs,” said the politician.

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