“No, in Africa (s), there are not those” before “and those” after “! “

Taking advantage of this new space resulting from the crisis, the communicating worlds are trying to create a break between those of a world “before” and the proponents of what would be the “new face” of the Africa-France relationship. Let us not forget, four years ago, this inversion which wanted to be generous to speak of Africa-France, and never again of France-Africa. Honored, vilified, even hated, carrying an immense heritage from which only a dull pain floats with truncated memories, this common root binds us deeply in cultural inheritances and shared passions.

Rather than favoring the continuous link, the intelligence of evolution, and allowing everyone to find their place in a sometimes painful story, minds are heating up to stigmatize, hear ephemeral trials and condemn those who ban media still dare to wear without dishonor the richness of the solid ties of our two continents. This breakaway march is a concept bathed in revenge and sometimes tinged with hatred – in the bath of ignorance.

For Patrice Fonlladosa, it is important to “privilege the continuous link, the intelligence of evolution and allow everyone to find their place in a sometimes painful story”.
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Reasons to believe

Africa (s) have grown and freed themselves, it is fortunate, because this continent represents a part of becoming of humanity which, without any doubt, will take all its light during this century. I hear the cynics, the grumblers and the “Afro-pessimists” (what an idiotic expression…) taking stock of all the weaknesses and vicissitudes in detailed mosaic, without wanting to open your eyes to the factual levers that are unparalleled youth, a capacity for innovation and creation and a tremendous appetite for “living better”, but also increasing empowerment and the acceleration of the place of civil society in governance mechanisms. The West is giving in to fashions – nothing new – but it is only us who want to divide and oppose the “old” and the “new”, necessarily more suitable and able to understand the present and prepare the ‘to come up. It is not even a question of generation, but rather of selection of who says true and who says weak.

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Don’t give in to daffodil adventurers

I do not believe in these fables, these distortions resulting from a semantic salad which would like to refer against the others rather than the ones which transmit to the others. The crisis sends back to us these images of those who keep their elders when others gather them and isolate them. Do not give in to daffodil adventurers who would like, to kill “the front”, to become ambassadors of an obscure tomorrow and to their only advantage. Let’s stop trying to make a break in time, before, with, after. Time is continuous, and only our formidable capacity for adaptation allows us to glide along the uninterrupted music of time passing, from jazz to symphony, from blues to flamenco, from rap to makossa. By wanting to oppose and section those who “know” from those who “are” or “have been”, we let in a form of barbarism and disunity whose only effects will be the impoverishment of the future of our children and the soft exclusion but certain. The relationship of our two continents is nourished by multiple actors, professional organizations, faith-based organizations, associations of all kinds and centenary institutions, charities and private companies, think tanks and multiple donors, investors, entrepreneurs and startups… The list is rich and so long.

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So, let’s stop opposing, let’s take a breath to accept the immense wealth and rather seek to find the means of common actions, concerted projects that shape our future. Together.

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* President Africa of the Center for Strategic Studies and Prospects (CEPS), former Africa president of Medef International.

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