Nigel Mansell: Why Lewis Hamilton shouldn’t switch to Ferrari

( – The “Silly Season” of Formula 1 is not over yet. But one thing is certain: nothing will come of it in the foreseeable future from the mega transfer from Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari, which was summoned by Formula 1 oracle Eddie Jordan. After all, the Scuderia has already committed itself to Charles Leclerc (until 2024) and Carlos Sainz (until 2022).

Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc

Nigel Mansell doesn’t believe Lewis Hamilton is secretly looking at Ferrari



The official announcement of Hamilton’s contract extension at Mercedes is still pending, but is considered a mere formality. One who didn’t think much of Ferrari theory from the start is Nigel Mansell. “For me, Ferrari was a utopia,” the 1992 world champion told the ‘Mail on Sunday’.

“It is incredible to win for Ferrari and I love the team with all my heart,” says Mansell, who won three victories with Scuderia in 1989/90. “But if Lewis wants to make history, he’ll probably find that Mercedes is the more consistent choice at this point.”

Hamilton as “the greatest driver in our country’s history”

From Mansell’s perspective, Ferrari could have won world championships in recent years, but too many unfortunate mistakes had been made. These put the team at least behind competitor Mercedes, who has not missed a title win since 2014. Five went to Hamilton.

As for him, Mansell states: “Like Michael Schumacher, he has had the incredible support of the manufacturers to prove his abilities. He won his first world championship with McLaren and then went straight to a team where he won another five. ” In 2020 he can set the Schumi record.

“History will portray him as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, driver in our country’s history,” Mansell believes. “There is no reason why he can’t win a seventh or eighth world championship before retiring.” But he doesn’t see him as the greatest of all time.

Nigel Mansell: pilots of the 50s “the real heroes” of Formula 1

“I always say Fangio because those who drove in this era – and I think Lewis would agree – were the real heroes because they had no seat belts, no proper helmets, no proper glasses and sometimes no gloves,” cries Mansell remembered the conditions of the 50s.

The Briton knows: “If you had an accident, it was 50:50 whether you got away or died.” Fortunately, those days are over. “Lewis is fine. Anyone who is admired so much receives a lot of advice. All he has to do is keep his feet on the ground, make his own decisions and be happy with them.”

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