Niang, an enigmatic message for OM?

As his name resurfaced on Sunday in a rumor of his possible departure for a Gulf club, M’Baye Niang, announced on the shelves of the OM, posted a message on Instagram.

To his advantage since his arrival at Rennais Stadium, Baye Niang is one of the players coveted byOlympic Marseille and more particularly by André Villas-Boas, in charge of recruitment while awaiting the arrival of a new sports director. An interest to which the Senegalese striker is not immune.

“That’s flattering. There’s no smoke without fire. There have been discussions, but today there is nothing concrete. This is a club that interests me, a club with a good history and warm supporters, as I like. If it has to be done, it will be with great pleasure ”, thus entrusted the former Milanese to the microphone of the Canal Football Club. But if some considered, last weekend, that his arrival at OM was acquired, the track has somewhat cooled. Firstly because other sources claim that the Marseille club has so far only discussed with the player and has still not contacted Stade Rennais. And the Ciel et Blancs will also have to contend with competition from a Qatari club, ready to offer the Yvelines native a golden bridge.

Baye Niang would not be closed to the idea of ​​leaving Europe to reach an exotic destination. The Rennes player, who is said to be cold with Julian Stéphan, has in any case published a message to say the least enigmatic on his Instagram account, Sunday evening, shortly after the disclosure of this rumor. “Don’t feel guilty about putting your dreams and goals first, having to sacrifice certain relationships or things in your life. Don’t feel guilty because you listen to your instincts ”, can we read about the story of the former AC Milan striker. It now remains to understand the meaning of these words.

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