Neymar-Sakai, the incredible twist –

Suspected of having uttered racist insults against Hiroki Sakai, Neymar was cleared by the Japanese. And this while the Disciplinary Commission of the League had decided the day before not to sanction the former Barcelona player.

This is an unexpected twist to say the least. The Disciplinary Commission of the League may have decided on Wednesday not to sanction or Neymar, nor Alvaro Gonzalez, suspected of having made homophobic or racist remarks during the last shock PSGOM, the case is not completely over. The absence of sanctions is of course dispassionate from the debate, but the message published by Hiroki sakai, Thursday evening, has something to challenge.

For ten days, the Marseille camp had indeed suggested that the Japanese defender had also been the victim of racist insults from Neymar. The sequence would have been filmed by the cameras of the club, one assured at the Ciel et Blanc while André Villas-Boas affirmed that the Marseillais had a lot of images at their disposal. Some of them had resurfaced in a timely manner on Wednesday night to show that the Brazilian had thrown twice “Chinese shit”.

No one told me anything discriminatory

But according to Hiroki Sakai himself, Neymar would not have said any insults. “The past two weeks have been tough, but I’m glad to hear that the two players in question haven’t been punished. No one told me anything discriminatory. We just had a little collision in a game that suddenly got carried away “Hiroki Sakai wrote.

Words that are surprising as OM have tried in recent days to incriminate Neymar. And this in order to finally link his fate to that of the Spanish defender. Which actually worked well. From then on, Hiroki Sakai could break out of the silence …“Now it’s all over, the only important thing is that Marseille won the match. For next time, I will do my best again to offer you an exciting OM-PSG! ”, added the Japan international.

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