New FIA guidelines: Corona changes this in Formula 1

( – The FIA ​​advises its racing series to do without the conventional procedure on the grid from now on if the required minimum distance due to the corona virus cannot be maintained. This emerges from a series of guidelines that the World Automobile Association has issued for its series.


There won’t be such a packed starting grid in 2020



In these, the FIA ​​announces numerous changes that are intended to prevent the spread of the corona virus as soon as it starts again. The document is entitled “Return to Motorsport” and was published a few weeks before the restart of various series in Europe. Formula 1 kicks off in Austria on July 5th.

The guidelines cover all aspects of a race weekend. Minimum distances are set for team members, officials, marshals and media representatives. In addition, all areas along the route should be cleaned as well as possible. In some series, even more radical steps are advised.

Fewer employees on the starting grid

For example, if a risk analysis reveals that there is too much contact between team members when all teams are on the starting lineup, you could take a completely different approach. The FIA ​​suggests as a possible solution to send the cars directly from the garage to the start of the race.

The document states: “The starting grid procedure could be deleted and the formation round could be started from the garage.” However, it is assumed that Formula 1 is currently not considering this measure. This year there should also be at least a similar form of the known process.

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However, the number of employees who are allowed on the starting grid should be reduced to a minimum. The schedule could also be punished because the procedure is likely to be much less extensive and pompous. The guidelines state that the whole process can be reduced to “less than 15 minutes”.

It also says that the number of employees who can work on the car on the starting grid can be reduced in order to “significantly reduce the number of close contacts.” The guidelines also include a strategy for separating individual groups.

Isolation of different groups

The aim is to isolate individual groups – for example teams, officials and media representatives – from each other on the entire race weekend. “The number of interactions between groups should be minimized to prevent virus transmission between groups,” says the FIA.

The guidelines also say: “When interactions between groups cannot be avoided without sacrificing security […] The minimum distance should be kept in excessive danger or additional protective equipment (PPE) should be used to prevent virus transmission. “

The stewards’ room will also be equipped in such a way that the minimum distance can be maintained. In addition, all drivers who are assigned to the stewards must wear protective masks. In addition, driver and official briefings may in future take place outdoors.

This will be the case if there is no space on the route that is large enough to accommodate everyone in compliance with the safety measures. Another alternative would be to have the briefings take place as a video conference.

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