Nearly 60,000 people pay homage to George Floyd in Houston

Killed by a police officer on May 25 during his arrest in Minneapolos, George Floyd grew up in Houston. On Tuesday, nearly 60,000 people demonstrated in this Texas city to pay tribute to him and demand justice. “Today is not about the town hall, it is about the family of George Floyd, we want them to know that George did not die in vain”, launched the mayor of the city, Sylvester Turner, to the crowd.

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“We are not perfect, we recognize it. In our city we respect everyone, each neighborhood has value,” he added. Several members of the victim’s family participated in this rally, which dispersed calmly at the end of the afternoon, with cries of “no justice, no peace” and chanting the name of George Floyd. “I want to be done him justice because he was good, no matter what people think, he was a good person,” his partner Roxie Washington said in tears at a conference. press in Minneapolis on Tuesday. His funeral is scheduled for June 9 in Houston. Before that, two ceremonies are to take place Thursday in Minneapolis and Saturday in North Carolina where he came from.

Biden’s attacks

New protests have taken place across the United States. In Washington, several thousand people, including Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, still peacefully defied the curfew. The approaches to the White House were, however, blocked by barriers, preventing any direct confrontation. In Manhattan, several thousand demonstrators, black and white, gathered to protest peacefully near the New York police headquarters, chanting “George Floyd, George Floyd” or “Black Lives Matter!” (“the life of blacks counts”), a rallying cry against police violence targeting African-Americans.

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Democratic presidential candidate November 3, Joe Biden, accused Donald Trump on Tuesday of “turning this country into a battlefield plagued by old grudges and new fears”. During a trip to Philadelphia, he promised to “heal the racial wounds that have plagued our country for so long.” Former Republican President George W. Bush said it was “time for America to examine our tragic failures.”

Faced with protests, which occur in the United States where social and racial inequalities are already exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, Donald Trump has remained silent so far on the responses to the evils denounced by the demonstrators. And only very briefly mentioned the “revolt” of the Americans faced with the conditions of the death of George Floyd. The 46-year-old African American died of suffocation during his arrest eight days ago when a white policeman knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes. The scene, broadcast on social networks, caused an immense wave of anger in the country and demonstrations to denounce police brutality succeeded one another, sometimes interspersed with violence. The police officer was dismissed, then arrested and charged with manslaughter.

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