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If, thanks to Shades of Gray, more erotic adventures are proudly held on bookstore shelves, it is also because many people have chosen to decomplex their sex lives. This happy mixture opens the doors to a universe where waking dreams are allowed, whatever they may be. Indeed, erotic literature can contribute greatly to nourish not only libido, but also fantasies. Because naughty reading, unlike viewing pornographic scenes, allows the imagination more to wander, even to be creative. This is why, in this pandemic period where caution is required, you are offered some literary suggestions reserved exclusively for an adult and informed public.

1. Hacker. This book, by Mérédith Wild, features Erica Hathaway, a woman recently graduated from Harvard who is fully committed to her career and to her fashion website. She is looking for an investor when she meets Blake Landon, the arrogant millionaire who irresistibly attracts her. Both having rather complex histories, their relationship is not only tinged, but confronted. Several volumes are available in this series of books put on sale since 2015.

2. Octavie Dalvaux signs Sex in the kitchen and tells the story of Charlotte, 28, for whom life turns upside down when she chooses to quit her routine work as a model maker to publish cookbooks. Become single, by choice, a mysterious admirer falls in love and this is where adventures … spicy begin. Available since November 2019 from La Musardine editions.

3. It is through the pen of Lisa Hilton, alias L.S. Hilton, this British writer that we follow the adventures of Judith in Maestra. The beauty is bored during the day in an auction house and makes ends meet as a coach in a hostess bar, two nights a week. For lovers of sex and blood … Published by Pocket editions.

4. The summary reads as follows: “The story of the discovery of sexuality by the beautiful Esmera in a girls’ school in Genoa, where she discovers desire by watching the antics of her best friend Rachele. An initiatory journey that will result, years later, in a free, singular and plural sexual life. ” Esmera, this adult comic book published by Glenat editions will make you discover this young Italian woman of the 1960s who changes sex once the pleasure is over …

5. Fun parties, this erotic novel by Martin Laliberté published by Québec-Livres editions immerses us in a world where clandestine connections and torrid antics know only few (or no) limits. Everything is allowed, without taboo, as long as it leads to pleasure, to fiery passion. These erotic news will lead you to a celebration of the senses.

6. Room 206. It’s in this cozy 15 m2 space, Room 206, that the experience takes place. Besides the toilet, there is a single room in which there is a welcoming bed. At the end of it, a marble bathtub in front of a mirror. Once seated at the end of the bed – facing the mirror – the experience of Room 206 can begin. From door slamming to leaf stripping and brushing, kissing and short breaths … from closing windows to falling glass, you will be catapulted into the reality of this audio book Imaginary Club Experience x Olympe by G. Perfect for having wandering hands … on your own body or while respecting the instructions of public health.

Good readings, good pleasures! And above all, do not hesitate to continue your research, many other books for adults are available!

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