Mike Pence: “Christian”, “Conservative”, “Republican” – that’s what defines him

“Christian”, “Conservative”, “Republican”: Trump’s Apostle Mike Pence: That’s what defines him

Mike Pence is the acting Vice President. As Trump’s representative, he is now receiving more and more attention. He is considered to be Trump’s most loyal ally.

Mike Pence did well in the TV duel against Kamala Harris. Objectively, he approached critical questions without speaking badly to his superior Donald Trump.

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Mike Pence is Trump’s most loyal ally

Pence is more than impressed by his boss: he’s probably Trump’s most loyal ally in the White House.

Pence has never criticized the US President in public.

Pence is popular in conservative circles and it is believed that he would like to become president himself in 2024.

The 61-year-old is seen by many allies as the last hope of the Trump campaign. For four years he has been trying to soften Trump’s words and to make them palatable for moderate Republicans and swing voters, as the American magazine “Politico” analyzes.

“Mike Pence is a decent and respectful man. He will do nothing to repeat the president’s behavior in the first debate,” said fellow party member Michael Steele, who was Chairman of the Republican National Committee until 2011, adding that Pence is a “gifted communicator who explains government performance better than the president himself”.

Pence opposes Harris’ proposal

Prior to working closely with Trump, Pence was governor of Indiana. At the end of the 1980s, Pence failed as a young lawyer with his candidacy for the US House of Representatives. Instead, he started a radio career with the Mike Pence Show. During this time he converted from Catholicism to evangelism. Now unimaginable, but he also changed camps in politics: As a supporter of the Democrats, he switched to the Republicans during his studies.

He currently heads the Corona Task Force in the White House and has a similar opinion on the virus as the President. He, too, largely abandons wearing a mask.

Mike Pence describes himself as a “Christian”, “Conservative” and “Republican”

When the virus broke out in the White House, Pence fled and stayed at his residence near the Washington Observatory for most of the time.

But the Trump-Pence duo is not only united in opinions about the corona virus. Pence, too, like Trump, is skeptical about man-made climate change.

He once described himself as a “Christian”, “Conservative”, “Republican” and emphasized: “Exactly in that order”.

TV duel between Pence and Harris

The black fly lands on the silver hair as if it had been attracted by a magnet. Suddenly it is there – and at first it doesn’t fly away again. US Vice President Mike Pence is speaking of a “major insult” in the TV duel against Kamala Harris and is taking a rhetorical pause.

He takes no notice of the insect – unlike many viewers and commentators of his only TV debate with Democratic runner-up Kamala Harris before the presidential election on November 3rd. The attention paid to the fly shows how calm the duel was.

You can read about the TV duel here.

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