Michael Schumacher vs. Lewis Hamilton: Ross Brawn explains the differences

(Motorsport-Total.com) – He has experienced both of them up close and is fascinated by Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher: Former Formula 1 team boss Ross Brawn thinks he knows what makes the most successful drivers in Grand Prix history tick and what Their strengths and weaknesses are – and how Hamilton and Schumacher differ fundamentally.

Lewis Hamilton, Ross Brawn

Lewis Hamilton with his former team boss at Mercedes, Ross Brawn



“In the car,” Brawn explains in an interview with ‘Mail on Sunday’, “both are absolutely outstanding talents. Outside of the car, I couldn’t imagine two more different people.”

And Brawn knows both Formula 1 superstars well: he worked with Schumacher back in the Benetton days and also switched to Ferrari with him. Brawn later brought Schumacher back to Formula 1 on the Mercedes comeback. Finally, Hamilton Schumacher succeeded him in the Silver Arrows racing team, under team boss Brawn.

The first meeting with Hamilton

“At first,” admits Brawn, “I was shocked by Lewis. I was used to Michael and his very focused way of working. He had few distractions and was quite a family person. Lewis, on the other hand, with his traveling, the music, the Fashion shows – that seemed strange to me. “

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Brawn describes Hamilton as “much more extravagant”, but also says: “But he has proven that this is part of his success story. And it is now recognized as such.”

At Schumacher you “immediately saw” this will, this doggedness, says Brawn. “With Lewis, from the outside, it wasn’t so much the case.” Hamilton, Brawn says, “tended to hide” this side of his personality.

What distinguishes Hamilton and Schumacher

“But once you got used to your style, you recognized an absolute desire to be successful in motorsport. And both of them do things in the racing car that few can even manage: the one outstanding lap.”

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In their time with Brawn at the command post, Schumacher and Hamilton knew perfectly well how to be quick when it came down to it. “You can still find something and no idea where,” explains Brawn. “And that leaves the opponents in the pit lane stunned.”

Just as amazing, however, is how vulnerable Hamilton or Schumacher are as a person, apart from the pure racing action, says Brawn. And Schumacher has even proven to be the more vulnerable of the two in his experience.

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“At first glance you would say he was stronger, maybe even arrogant, but there were a lot of uncertainties with him. That is why he was so obsessed with his driving,” said today’s Formula 1 sports director.

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Schumacher needed a “feel-good factor”, “the right people around him, a group that gave him support,” says Brawn. They are “people like Jean Todt, me, Rory [Byrne]”That is one of the reasons why Schumacher was in top form in his Ferrari days.

“Lewis, on the other hand, is not so dependent on people, I would think. His other passions in life may give him more perseverance. When Michael left Ferrari in 2006, he was a bit exhausted. Lewis drives as well as ever. “

And now Hamilton has set Schumacher’s Formula 1 victory record and also achieved 91 Grand Prix successes. With the chance to catch up with “Schumi” in terms of the number of world championship titles this year and even to overtake the Germans in the near future.

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