McLaren regrets: No chance to test new updates

( – An update in two parts: McLaren wanted to test new components for the current MCL35 at the Eifel Grand Prix at the Nürburgring (follow Formula 1 2020 in the live ticker!) – actually. The bad weather on site, however, prevented the training operation and thus the desired McLaren test drives. The team’s regret is correspondingly great.

Lando Norris

Lando Norris drove the new McLaren nose at the Russian Grand Prix



Team boss Andreas Seidl takes refuge in gallows humor on ‘RTL’: “It wasn’t supposed to be, but that way I was able to work off a few emails in the office.” He adds seriously: “What a shame for the fans.”

“It would have been important for us to drive today. We have a few updates on the car that we would have liked to test in dry conditions. Now we have to see that we can cope tomorrow.”

How brave is McLaren with the update?

His team now has to ask the fundamental question “whether we are brave enough to simply screw the updates onto the car,” says Seidl. Alternatively, there would be a conservative approach with the previous parts. “But that doesn’t actually fit our approach,” he explains.

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But which new parts are they actually? To complement the new front section, which has already been used, as Seidl says: “We now have parts available to complete the package on both cars, […] especially in the area of ​​the underbody in front of the side pods. “

And McLaren must not take too much risk because the number of units is “quite limited”, says Seidl, without giving any specific figures. “So the question is when we will [mit den Updates] go out on the track? We won’t see the real potential of the package until it’s complete. “

How much coordination work is necessary

The decision to drive it in the rain on Friday was taken from McLaren by not releasing the two units. For Saturday – and therefore also Sunday – everything is still open.

McLaren driver Lando Norris points out, however, that such an update is not enough with a few test laps. “We need time to understand how [die Teile] help the car, what effect they have, whether we have to adjust the car’s balance. “

The canceled Friday practice makes “life in the third free practice a little more difficult for the team,” stressed Norris. After all, there is only one hour of driving time left before qualification. And McLaren would have preferred to use the three hours to evaluate the updates on Friday. “That,” says Norris, “was actually our main goal.”

Norris regrets the lack of training

He would have liked to go out on the track himself and says: “Of course it would have been fun in such conditions. I would have enjoyed it. But it should be interesting on Sunday and tomorrow with the weather anyway. So let’s wait and see!”

Indeed indicates the current weather forecast for the Eifel Grand Prix at the Nürburgring suggests more rain showers and persistently cool temperatures.

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