Mattia Binotto: Ferrari didn’t get Carlos Sainz as number 2

( – Did Ferrari sign Carlos Sainz as Charles Leclerc’s water bearer? Several Formula 1 experts at least assume so. Both ex-driver Martin Brundle and former team boss Flavio Briatore have already expressed themselves in this direction. Sainz himself, on the other hand, emphasizes that he did not hire Scuderia as number 2.

Carlos Sainz

Is Carlos Sainz a future Formula 1 world champion?



He now receives backing from his future team boss Mattia Binotto. Compared to the Spanish ‘Marca’, he answers the question whether Ferrari will have a number 1 and a number 2 driver in the future with a clear “No” and explains: “The most important thing is two good ones Having drivers. Team spirit is important. “

“It must be clear that Ferrari comes first. On the track, it will be decided who will be first and who will be second. It has always been this way, even in Michael Schumacher’s time,” he emphasizes, reporting: “He has every year started at the same level as his teammate. But in race three it was clear who was number one. “

Binotto: Sainz a future world champion

At the same time, Binotto also makes it clear that he does not yet expect Sainz to be at eye level with Leclerc in 2021. “I think it will be more difficult in the first year because he has to get to know the car and the team first,” said Binotto, who reminds that Sainz was given a long-term contract because of this.

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“We would be happy if he [2021] how Charles delivers at the highest level and helps Ferrari achieve the goal of the designer’s title, “said Binotto, who knows that Sainz will need some time to get used to it.” But I am sure that he will be very quick and at some point Can become world champion, “said the Ferrari team boss.

When asked why Sainz had been chosen to replace Sebastian Vettel, Binotto replied: “There wasn’t just one thing or reason. First of all, he’s a young driver and we’re a young team.” He praises the Spaniard and explains: “He is a great worker, intelligent, quick and above all he understands the spirit of Ferrari.”

Team boss sees no potential for conflict

He also reveals that Leclerc had previously been informed about the Spaniard’s commitment and had obtained his feedback. “Charles is a driver Ferrari will be counting on in the future,” said Binotto. He also gives the Monegasque full backing and even declares: “He can become the strongest driver in the history of Formula One.”

According to Binotto’s statement, two potential world champions will be driving Ferrari in 2021. Is there no potential for conflict? “I don’t think there will be any problems between the two,” the Italian says relaxed. He was aware that it was his job to prevent this. That didn’t always work in 2019 between Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel.

The negative climax was a crash of the two Ferrari drivers in Interlagos. “What happened in Brazil was just bad luck. Something like this can happen in the race,” emphasizes Binotto. Nevertheless, he would prefer that there would be no similar scenes between Leclerc and Sainz in the future.

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