Matchday 30 – wonderful scolds Cologne video cellar: “A scandal”

Matchday 30

Augsburg (dpa) – After his quarantine violation due to toothpaste and skin cream, Heiko Herrlich caused the next excitement with his video cellar criticism.

The coach of FC Augsburg was outraged after the 1: 1 (0: 0) against 1. FC Köln because of a non-given penalty meter for his team and indicated doubts about the impartiality of referee Guido Winkmann. Herrlich’s freak could now alarm the control committee of the German Football Association (DFB).

“I really don’t know what else has to happen. We can really stop there with a video cellar. Something like that is scandalous. It can’t be, it’s about keeping the class,” Herrlich complained after one of the TV channels Sky denied penalty for his relegation-threatened team. “There is someone who lives 30 kilometers away from Cologne.” According to the DFB, Winkmann lives in Kerken, which is a good 80 kilometers from Cologne.

With his scolding, Herrlich referred to a scene in the 49th minute in which Augsburg’s Noah Sarenren Bazee fell in the penalty area after a duel with Cologne’s Rafael Czichos and Ismail Jakobs. The opponents “did not even touch the ball”, “one hits it at the foot, the other pulls it down with the hand”, Herrlich described at the press conference the controversial scene from his point of view. “There is no clearer penalty.”

Referee Benjamin Cortus consulted video referee Winkmann after the incident, but a penalty was not given afterwards. After the first excitement subsided, Herrlich also showed self-criticism for the missed leadership in the quarrel duel with the Cologne team. “Just we have to tackle our own nose and have to try to use our possibilities,” the Augsburg coach admitted.

For the resumption of play in the Bundesliga after the Corona compulsory break, the DFB initially overruled the rule that referees may not whistle games in their national associations. This should save them long journeys. However, they are not allowed to lead games in their place of residence.

“It is part of the DFL concept in the Corona period that referees are allowed to come from up close. Another may live closer to Augsburg. Everyone makes an effort,” said Cologne sporting director Horst Heldt in a media discussion on Monday and recognized no violation of the rules when using Winkmann.

With the video cellar scolding, Herrlich is again causing trouble for three and a half weeks after his quarantine violation. In mid-May, the former striker had spoken frankly about a shopping trip for toothpaste and skin cream during Quarantine Week. However, Herrlich violated the DFL concept to continue the season and voluntarily decided not to take care of his team against VfL Wolfsburg (1: 2) on the sidelines.

“In this situation, I did not live up to my role as a role model for my team and the public,” said the otherwise thoroughly reflected Herrlich at the time. “I will therefore be consistent and stand by my mistake.”

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