Matchday 30 – stronger than ever: Goretzka a Bayern leader with attitude

Matchday 30

Leverkusen (dpa) – The title is almost certain, records are within reach, and during the impressive winning streak under coach Hansi Flick, FC Bayern can rely on a remarkably strong leader.

As a technician with a fighting spirit and leadership skills, Leon Goretzka is increasingly taking on a chief role and is something of the face of the current flight of fancy. “Our current advantage is that we have eleven bosses on the pitch,” said the 25-year-old after the 4-2 (3-1) win at Bayer Leverkusen, in which he had a significant share with one assist and one goal.

The national coach also emphasizes Goretzka’s importance. “Especially his latest development is very gratifying, Leon has gained a very good position at Bayern Munich,” said Joachim Löw to the “kicker” and reported: “At the moment he feels better than ever, as he recently told me on the phone . “

Goretzka is currently the one who is going ahead with Bayern. “He currently has an incredible presence,” said Flick after the eleventh consecutive competitive win. Former organizer of the aid campaign “We kick Corona” and committed fighter against racism, the former Schalke Goretzka has long shown his stance. Löw also values ​​Goretzka as someone “you can rely on. As a person and as a player. He has a certain depth, is very professional, lives very consciously, is clear about his role and is a role model with his attitude”, as Löw told the “kicker”.

He had caused a sensation with new muscle packs after the Corona break and was also more convincing in sport than in a long time in the successful Munich series. Should Bayern win against Borussia Mönchengladbach next Saturday and lose Borussia Dortmund at Fortuna Düsseldorf, the eighth series in a row would be fixed on matchday 31. After the first leg in Gladbach in early December, Bayern were still seventh. The goal record from 1972 with 102 goals is wobbling with 90 goals. Not concerned with the flick. “The first thing is that we want to be champions,” he said: “Everything else is an accessory.”

On Saturday, his team could have faltered after Lucas Alario’s early 0-1 (9th minute). But then Goretzka came. Conquered a ball in midfield and served with a dream pass Kingsley Coman to 1-1 (27.), then he scored 2-1 himself (42.). Goretzka, whom Flick had already highlighted the previous week, had turned the game. And that as a modern leader. Without any symbolic wake-up fouls or verbal fluff like à la Stefan Effenberg, Lothar Matthäus or Oliver Kahn.

The 25-time international is literally acting with a broad chest. Cyber ​​training made Goretzka much more muscular from the Corona break. And is also stronger in football than ever. “You can see Leon that he has gained muscle mass. This benefits his game,” said Flick.

Some even asked if Goretzka hadn’t overdone it. But he strongly contradicts that. “You can already assume that everything has been agreed with the coaching team,” he said: “You also have to be careful not to overdo it, we’re still playing football. I currently feel very good and well-armed for 90 minutes. I didn’t lose speed – on the contrary, so it’s a good thing. “

After mostly largely screwed up series, things are currently going well at FC Bayern. Should the last four games be won, it would be the best second half of the league’s history. Robert Lewandowski set his personal best on the way to his fifth goal scoring cannon with the 30th goal of the season (66th). With the 20th goal, Thomas Müller equalized the record set by Kevin de Bruyne from Wolfsburg in the 2014/15 season.

However, both still have a maximum of three games to expand their values. Because against Gladbach they are yellow-blocked. And while Lewandowski was angry about an alleged elbow strike and persisted in referee Manuel Gräfe long after the game ended, Flick took it easy. The barriers were “already annoying,” said the successful coach, but said: “We’ll see two other players against Mönchengladbach, that’s good too. And they can go full throttle against Eintracht Frankfurt for 90 minutes.”

Against the Hessians, Munich can move into the DFB Cup final on Wednesday. And at the moment nothing seems and nobody can stop them. Because not only Goretzka is strong like never before. “These are currently possibly the best Bavarians of the past ten or 15 years,” said sky expert and ex-Bayern professional Dietmar Hamann.

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