Mark Webber: “Don’t know where Sebastian Vettel should go”

( – Mark Webber, at Red Bull together with Sebastian Vettel between 2009 and 2013, does not believe that his former teammate will continue his Formula 1 career in 2021: “I don’t know where he is going “, says Webber in an interview with the podcast ‘At The Controls’ by Formula 1 expert Mark Gallagher.

Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel

Mark Webber thinks Sebastian Vettel looks exhausted – from Ferrari?



“I don’t see Seb in a midfield team. He fought for podiums for long stretches of his career, apart from the first year at Toro Rosso. And even there he won a race. I can’t imagine Renault. Perhaps he will bet 2021 and then plans a comeback, “speculates Webber.

The 43-year-old, who ended his Formula 1 career in 2013 and switched to Porsche in the World Endurance Championship (2015 second at the Le Mans 24 Hours), only observes Vettel from afar. And from this perspective, his ex-teammate makes an exhausted impression on him – even though Vettel is only 32.

Vettel “drained” the marriage to Ferrari, to the Ferrari-typical print and the ups and downs that only exist in Maranello, Webber suspects: “You can see that he looks older than he is. I think that when he gets up in the morning he no longer feels the particular pleasure of driving the red car. And that’s a problem for an athlete. “

Webber: “Seb is super young to resign”

“Sebastian did his best to build the team to win a World Cup. It didn’t happen. I think his confidence has suffered a lot from Italian culture. It’s a big deal,” said Webber. All the more so as Ferrari apparently fully relies on Charles Leclerc’s card for the medium to long term future.

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“Seb is super young to retire. But he started very young. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stops. I hope not,” says Webber about Vettel. “Maybe he’ll take a year off.” And he underlines: The years in Maranello were certainly not helpful for Vettel’s “batteries”.

From Webber’s point of view, the fact that the same fire no longer burns in a Formula 1 driver after 13 years as on the first day is understandable: “When I heard as a young racing driver that an older racing driver said he was losing motivation, he was able to I never understand that. How can you lose motivation? “

Webber: 15 years later caught up in reality …

He always thought: “It will never happen to me!” But: “Then you spool forward 15 years – and of course I also lost my motivation. Maybe only two or three percent. But that has an impact. After 15 years you may want to go home a little earlier. You want but not that your engineers do it. “

Six times world champion Lewis Hamilton is one who has successfully operated his personal “battery management” over the years and appears less tired from the outside. At 35, the Brit is even older than Vettel – but he has consistently taken his liberties since moving to Mercedes in 2013.

“Hamilton could overcome this trend,” believes Webber. “He has invested in not vacuuming his batteries. With the private jet, with his management, or by using Toto [Wolff] says that he doesn’t want to go to the track on Thursdays and doesn’t come until Friday. What ever. The number of days he has completed is exceptional. “

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