Louis-Jean Cormier and Flore Laurentienne at the top of the ADISQ nominations

Although morale shattered after being hit by a second forced closure of operations due to the pandemic, the music industry still set the table for its annual November 1 gala. The Quebec Association of the Record, Show and Video Industry (ADISQ) unveiled its nominations on Thursday, where Louis-Jean Cormier stood out with nine mentions, the instrumental project Flore Laurentienne with seven as well as Les Cowboys Fringants and Loud each with six chances of winning a Felix.

“It’s a day to celebrate each other, it’s a balm,” said Julie Gariépy, executive producer and director of the ADISQ Galas. But that doesn’t solve anything, except to do yourself some good and see what you’ve done right this year. And to bring out the artists who have sorely lacked promotion and moments to reach their audience. “

It is therefore Louis-Jean Cormier, who tops the list for this 42nd edition of the ADISQ Gala. Potential Male performer, director and Songwriter or composer of the year, the singer also sees his record When the night falls find a spot in the Best Contemporary Adult and Critics’ Choice Albums categories.

In addition to being named Band or Duo of the Year, dashing Cowboys veterans can boast of seeing their album The Antipodes be nominated in three “Album” categories: Critics’ Choice, Best Seller and Rock. Their title America is crying They also earned two nominations, for Song of the Year and Video of the Year.

The surprise, however, comes from the instrumental project Flore Laurentienne, by musician Mathieu David Gagnon. With a success of esteem but a more modest popular recognition, the musician won no less than seven mentions, including those of Author or composer of the year and Revelation of the year, in addition to standing out for arrangements and production, co-signed with Sylvain Deschamps. “To be honest I just expected to be named in Instrumental Album and that’s it, explains at the end of the line Gagnon, who had also been right. I know it’s lucky, but you don’t make music to be [à l’ADISQ], but because you want it, you need it. “

Peaceful in relation to this pandemic spring and this new closure of the cultural world, Mathieu David Gagnon says he is taking refuge in history. “There are musical careers that have been built on timing, on getting to the right place at the right time. But it’s going to be fine, this is not our first pandemic. My great grandfather had the Spanish flu and he got away with it! Amen!

Pianist Alexandra Stréliski, already one of the big winners of the 2019 edition, collected five new nominations this year, including those of Female Performer of the Year and Show of the Year – Author, Composer, Performer. “This one makes me particularly happy. The show is my gang and I miss them. You are together 24 hours a day, on trains, on planes, in different countries. “Faced with the current situation, Stréliski is not so optimistic, but she believes that” in difficult times, you also have to take the time to see the beautiful, to stay in touch with each other. “

“It’s the uncertainty that is a bit annoying,” said Mathieu Lafontaine, singer of the group Bleu Jeans Bleu, who also collected five mentions – including for Song of the Year for Hoodie. “These appointments are good, it’s water in the mill for the future – when there is a sequel. It’s a nice little balm on a special year ”.

The year 2020 was also marked by a series of denunciations targeting assault and sexual misconduct by artists, including Bernard Adamus, Alex Nevsky, Obia le chef and Yann Perreau. Without wishing to name artists, ADISQ specifies that six musicians had their names crossed off ballots by their producer this year. Julie Gariépy also notes that the presence of women in the nominations is more important this year. They get 39% of mentions, compared to the average for the last five years is 33%.

The industry gala will take place on October 26, the Premier Gala hosted by Pierre Lapointe will be held on October 28 and the official Gala will be broadcast on Sunday, November 1 live from Radio-Canada studio 42. Louis-José Houde will be at the helm of the event for a 15th year.

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