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In these times of a pandemic, many of us dream of the past, that previous way of life that seems to have slipped out of our hands, in addition to worrying about the future. In her new book, author Laurence Bibas wants everyone to be able to experience the magic of the present moment, while preparing to welcome the best.

It’s not easy to live in the present moment. We will all agree in these times of containment and pandemic. This is all the more true when we feel constrained in our freedom to be and want to move on.

Yet the author, Laurence Bibas, in her recent book, Do not expect anything be ready for anything, argues that one should stop living by being constantly in expectation, since it is impossible to predict the future. Rather, the best way to live happily should be to learn to take advantage of the little moments of happiness every day. “I have realized in my life that the most extraordinary events that have happened to me were totally unpredictable. So, I asked myself why plan because nothing is going exactly as I planned, “says the author, who adds that too often we look to the future based on our anxious anticipations and past experiences. “We therefore project the past into the future as an eternal beginning and nothing new can come out of it”, specifies the one who has practiced meditation in the Tibetan tradition for more than 25 years.

Adventure in the present

For some, not expecting anything would be like going blindly without planning anything, when in general, we are used to planning everything and our agenda is full for weeks, even months to come. come. But by wanting to plan everything too much, we risk missing out on the magic of our existence.

Above all, we must first appreciate the present moment. “Let’s make way for the contentment of being, the ability to rejoice in small things, the perfection of the moment and the constantly renewed flow of life which brings love, freedom, peace, joy and carefree life”, affirms Laurence Bibas who was notably the student of two Tibetan masters, Sogyal Rinpoche, then Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, with whom she received a spiritual education which extended over two decades.

By enjoying the present moment, it will be easier to tame the unknown. To achieve this, the author proposes to experience it as an inner journey, a space full of abundance, knowing that there are myriad possibilities of treasures and challenges too.

Be open

Being ready for anything also means believing that better days are possible. “Opening up to the best rather than expecting the worst is already a big step,” notes the author, who invites readers to trust life no matter what. Sometimes, you have to know how to let yourself be carried away by the flood. “To let be is also to get rid of habits, values, obsolete situations or even people toxic to oneself or become indifferent, because everything is renewed every moment when we are in the flow of life”, emphasizes she does.

She also suggests not to set too rigid goals for the future, but rather to listen to your deepest needs in order to avoid the vicious cycle of disappointments.

The author offers in his book a path of meditation in three easy steps to follow by reconnecting to the present, letting go of your fears, while accepting to surrender to the wonder of the unknown.

  • Laurence Bibas is a speaker and teaches mindfulness meditation.
  • She is also the author of the book Mindfulness Handbook.
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