Live stream to Trump vs. Biden: Watch TV duel for the US election live on the Internet

The time for the eagerly anticipated TV debates has come in the US presidential campaign. Incumbent Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden meet on Tuesday (3.00 a.m. CEST on Wednesday) in the city of Cleveland.

The six topics were set a week ago. The report of the “New York Times” on the finances of Donald Trump, which is currently heating up tempers, is more likely to make it into the 90-minute TV duel in a detour.

TV duel between Trump and Biden in the live stream: Here’s how

The Phoenix broadcaster will broadcast the TV duel from 2.45 a.m. (start at 3 a.m. / local time: 9 p.m.) on television and in the live stream.

However, at least one topic could give Biden the opportunity to Trump after low tax payments and alleged debts of $ 421 millionr (about 360 million euros) to ask: the personal record of the candidates. Another current point: the replacement at the Supreme Court. Trump has nominated the conservative lawyer Amy Coney Barrett as the successor to the late liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Biden demands that the winner of the presidential election on November 3rd should fill the post.

The debate will be moderated by TV journalist Chris Wallace. The 72-year-old is currently in front of the camera for the Trump-friendly broadcaster Fox News, but previously worked for NBC and ABC for a long time. His goal is to be as “invisible as possible,” said Wallace on Sunday. He wanted to get the candidates to discuss the central issues – “so that people at home get a feeling for why they want to vote for one of them”.

Other topics of the TV duel

Topics include the corona crisis, the security of the elections, the state of the US economy and the riots in cities on the edge of protests against racism and police violence. Both candidates have often spread their messages on this in the past few weeks.

It should be more exciting how both deal with each other in the TV duel. Trump often called Biden “sleepy Joe”. He claimed that the 77-year-old wasn’t particularly smart even at the best of times and made his fans laugh by saying: “He doesn’t even know he’s alive.”

But according to media reports, some in Trump’s campaign team suspect that the 74-year-old president has done his opponent a favor. He laid the plank so low that Biden can outperform Trump supporters with minimal effort. Trump rowed back in the past few days: Biden is a professional who has been tried and tested in debates for decades (“They don’t do anything else in the Senate.”) On the other hand, he has little experience with something like that.

Biden makes a solid impression – Trump is reeling off old positions

In a kind of remote duel two weeks ago – question and answer sessions in which the candidates asked questions from voters – Biden made a solid figure. He showed more empathy and responded more specifically to the individual questions – while Trump reeled off his known positions over large sections. His greater strength in the duels with Hillary Clinton four years ago, however, was also more the art of throwing in a cheeky quick-witted comment.

How intensively the candidates are preparing for the debate remained unclear. The Hill website reported that Biden was acting out feuds with former Chief of Staff Ron Klain in the role of Trump. Trump indicated that he was speaking more generally about answers on the topics with his advisors.

There was one or the other verbal exchange of blows in the days before the duel. “He doesn’t know how to debate facts, he’s not that smart,” Biden said of Trump. The President repeatedly called for a drug test of the candidates – because Biden’s behavior allegedly indicates performance-enhancing substances. A campaign manager from Biden finally poked back: “If the president thinks the best way to make his case is with urine, then he needn’t force himself.”

Dates of the TV duels

Biden and Trump meet three times on television. These are the dates:

  • September 29th, 3 a.m. (9 p.m. local time in the US) in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 15th October, 3 a.m. (9 p.m. local time in the US) at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami, Florida
  • October 22nd, 3 a.m. (9 p.m. local time in the US) at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

The TV duel between the current Vice President Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, Vice Presidential candidate of the Democrats, takes place on Wednesday October 7th, held at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

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