LinkedIn is launching new retargeting features

With the new options, advertisers can play targeted video ads on LinkedIn and increase the campaign reach by 25 percent.

LinkedIn could become significantly more attractive for advertisers in the future. The business network announced on its own blog that there will be new retargeting features for video ads and Led Gen Forms as well as extensions for the audience network.

Today, we’re taking the next step in this journey by introducing new capabilities to retarget by actions, as well as updates to the LinkedIn Audience Network, to help you scale engagement and consistently interact with the professionals you’re trying to reach,

wrote Abhishek Shrivastava, Senior Director of Product at LinkedIn. Shrivastava told TechCrunch that the proliferation of Covid-19 and the associated changes in the marketing industry have helped LinkedIn to work more on such features.

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LinkedIn: Reach the right target group with new retargeting features

With the new retargeting features on LinkedIn, advertisers can now create ads and have them played out for users who have viewed 25, 50, 75 or 100 percent of the previous video ads. In addition, it is now possible for marketers to advertise to users who have previously opened or filled out lead gen forms.

Advertisers primarily use B2B marketing on LinkedIn. The new retargeting options could therefore be very useful to reach a precisely defined target group. This could make it easier for advertisers to convince them with targeted and customized marketing. The business platform has already conducted tests with a small group of advertisers in this regard. The result: conversions increased 20 percent, while costs decreased 24 percent.

Expansion of the LinkedIn Audience Network

The LinkedIn Audience Network has also been expanded with the new retargeting features for video ads. This introduced the business platform in 2017 and thus enables advertisers to switch campaigns beyond LinekdIn. This is now also possible for news portals such as Flipboard, Microsoft News and MSN. According to Shrivastava, the range of sponsored campaigns would increase by 25 percent. In addition, nine times as many monthly touchpoints could be created with selected LinkedIn users.

Screenshot of the new LinkedIn retargeting features
© LinkedIn

In addition, LinkedIn tries to ensure the quality of the impressions. In conclusion, Shrivastava explains:

Lastly, you now have additional layers of brand protection to confidently deliver messages in trusted environments across LinkedIn Audience Network placements. Our new platform-wide pre-bid integration with Integral Ad Science automatically provides an additional layer of brand protection and contextual brand safety for all ads, and our Pixalate integration will score and filter all publishers based on invalid traffic.

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