Like Williams: McLaren is also considering selling team shares

( – McLaren could offer shares in its racing department for sale. That reports ‘Sky’. According to the report, the traditional British Formula 1 team is considering offering investors up to 30 percent of McLaren Racing. That would affect both the Formula 1 project and the company’s IndyCar division.

Lando Norris

McLaren could sell shares of the racing team in Formula 1 and IndyCar



McLaren himself did not want to comment on the request from ‘’. From Woking it only says: “We do not comment on speculations.”

In fact, the Corona crisis hit McLaren hard: Some employees were sent on short-time work, which was not an isolated case in Formula 1. With Williams, another traditional team from Great Britain chose the exact same path – in terms of short-time work only after McLaren, but with a (partial) sale before.

Ross Brawn is not surprised

Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn is not surprised at this situation. He says in an interview with ‘’: The financial imbalance of McLaren and Williams is also due to the sporting downward slide of the two teams.

Original soundtrack: “Formula One is brutal there. If you are last, like Williams, there are consequences. You have now reached this point. McLaren has been in the past years [ebenfalls] not very good.”

In Formula 1 there was “no free ticket,” Brawn continues. “If you haven’t been to music for a few years, you have to live with the consequences: you lose sponsors and you get less prize money than before.” It is like a downward spiral, Brawn explains.

Whoever invests must read between the lines

In principle, Formula 1 itself shouldn’t have to worry about that. “If there were two top teams that would have to stop, you would suspect a fault in the system,” said sports director Brawn. “However, these are two teams that have been off the road for a few years.”

And there may be more to it than just poor performance on the racetrack, Brawn says. Potential investors would have to find out the “basic reasons” for the McLaren and Williams situation.

“Why the performance did not match, whether it was the financing, the internal structures, the approach,” says Brawn. “I really don’t know myself. But it is precisely this understanding that is required now.”

New times are dawning in Formula 1

Especially since Formula 1 is about to renew its entire business model. Thanks to the budget limit that will soon come into effect, as Renault team boss Cyril Abiteboul emphasizes in an interview with ‘’. He says: “Now there is a sustainable business model for most teams.”

“It may be a little late and at a time when some racing teams have already accumulated debts in the previous seasons. I don’t just think of Williams, but Williams made it into the headlines. I am sure that it will affect others as well Teams too. “

It is now crucial how one will deal with “these contaminated sites”. Because the new framework made a Formula 1 future look attractive in any case, Abiteboul added.

A racing team that makes a profit?

“If you have a decent performance and decent sponsors, you can write a black zero. This is a real turnaround. Because suddenly a lossy business turns into a number that could even make a profit.”

For McLaren – and for Williams – the first thing now is to find new partners in order to get fresh money for racing and to be able to ensure it.

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