Ligue 1 playoffs? UEFA valid

As Jean-Michel Aulas suggests, the Ligue 1 season may possibly end in the form of playoffs before August 2. UEFA confirms this to the Parisian this Saturday.

And if the League 1 – like the Bundesliga and soon La Liga, Serie A and Premier League – finally concluded his 2019-2020 season this summer? Jean-Michel Aulas has obviously been fighting body and soul for several weeks against the LFP’s decision to stop the championship. Two days after his hearing before the Council of State, theOL submitted a file on Saturday proposing to finish the L1 in the form of playoffs before August 2.

The Parisian asked UEFA on Saturday and the European body has confirmed that the leagues can change the format of the competitions in order to finish the season, “taking into account the specific country circumstances and restrictive measures” In fact, on 23 April, UEFA had already explained to associations that it was possible to change the format of competitions and Serie A notably imagined playoffs in plan B.

UEFA also explains to Parisian than “the decision of the French authorities to cancel the season was taken relatively early“And confirms that”August 2, 2020 would be a suitable date to finish domestic competitions” The European body had recommended ending the seasons before August 3 and now makes it a deadline knowing that the 3 major European championships will resume.

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