“Lightened monarchy”: mission accomplished for Elizabeth II

The refocusing of the British royal family on its hard core is complete. Entangled in the scandal of the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, youngest son of Elizabeth II, has definitively lost the right to represent the royal family. After the withdrawal of Harry and Meghan, the sovereign finished the process aiming to limit the active members of the Windsor clan to the first circle of the line formed by the trio Charles-William-George.

Due to the advanced age of the sovereign (94 years), the Windsor line has indeed become bloated. The Queen has four children, eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. If we add the descendants of his sister and his direct cousins, that makes, at the last count, 59 people. Too many mouths to feed on the royal purse, too much ego and ambitions to satisfy, too many potential time bombs to watch.

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Exit Andrew

Elizabeth II took advantage of Prince Andrew’s new setbacks to complete the cleaning undertaken in 2012. In November 2019, the latter had been forced to temporarily abandon all his non-military sovereign functions following the fiasco of his television interview on his links with Epstein.

Since then, the Duke of York has been splashed by three resounding scandals that have made his situation untenable. In addition to his refusal to collaborate with the American justice on the Epstein affair, SAR was brought before Swiss justice by the French aristocrat Isabelle Bourlon de Rouvre for non-payment of the last installment of the purchase of a ski chalet. The queen refused to settle the debt, which amounts to 6.7 million pounds (7.5 million euros). In addition, the British Charities Commission has launched an investigation into accounting irregularities within its philanthropic foundation. Finally, the staff obtained from the queen that the former naval officer give up his honorary duties at the head of several regiments to “not embarrass the armed forces”.

Prince Andrew, 59, is the latest victim of the vast purge orchestrated by Prince Charles with the Queen’s agreement to implement the ” slimming down monarchy (“Lean monarchy”).

William is the anti-Andrew, he’s the Windsor star striker

Under the new distribution of roles, the eldest son replaced the head of state by de facto ensuring the regency of the kingdom. The future king took over the most tiring aspects of the royal office: trips abroad, presentation of decorations, sponsorship of regiments and high-end charity activity. He also recovered the functions performed by his father Philip, who retired from public life in 2017.

While Harry and Meghan remained cloistered in their luxurious villa in Beverly Hills, the upscale district of Los Angeles, the coronavirus pandemic has propelled the action of the Cambridge. William, Kate and their three children helped the national health service. In addition, the eldest son of the heir to the throne and Princess Diana made a documentary for the BBC on mental health problems in the world of football. The press was rave, “William is the anti-Andrew, modest and full of empathy towards interlocutors suffering from depression … He is the star attacker of Windsor”, judged the Times about his unanimously applauded performance.

William and Kate, well in line

William has always been the apple of the queen’s eye. After Diana’s death, Elizabeth II formatted her grandson in her own image, conservative and proud of it. The young man cultivates the good old traditional values ​​of his caste and believes in the splendours of royalty while being a man of his time. Since her marriage in 2011 to William, Kate has never sought to play the socialite star, nor to use a humanitarian alibi in order to travel the world in a private jet. Embracing the career of a prince’s wife, the Duchess of Cambridge has always been careful not to overshadow her royal husband in public. Never has it played a role other than that of its function.

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The rest of the Windsor fell by the wayside. Despite her remarkable philanthropic action, Princess Anne was dismissed. The queen never had hooked atoms with her daughter, which facilitates her removal. It is now confined to the functions of second-rate representation just like the other crippled, Prince Edward. Chief of the armed forces, Elizabeth II has never forgiven her youngest, arrogant and imbued with his parentage, for having resigned from the elite corps of the Royal Marines because of the hardness of the training. The monarch hardly called upon the cohort of princes and princesses, dukes and duchesses who had hitherto supported her in her task.

In its July-August edition, the British high society monthly Tatler attacked Kate, saying in particular that she was exhausted by the resumption of the charitable activities of her sister-in-law Meghan, who weighed on her family life. “Inaccurate assertions and false assertions,” replied Kensington Palace, demanding by letter of lawyer the removal of the article entitled “The Empress Catherine the Great” from the gentry magazine’s website. Listening to Kensington Palace, the “Court Circular”, the calendar of activities for the royal family published in the press, underlines that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made the same number of official engagements during the first quarter of 2020 as during the corresponding period of the previous year, when Harry and Meghan were still part of the Windsor clan.

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