Life after the worst that can happen

As everyone has experienced recently, fate can change at any time. In this wonderful novel, we will see how an ordinary family in Texas will try to face the drama that will upset their daily lives.

When you live in Bliss, in west Texas, everyone knows that the main danger no longer comes from the Comanches, but from the drug traffickers who swarm on the other side of the Rio Grande. Not far from the borders, it is not uncommon at all to hear gunshots and howls tearing apart the silence of the night. On the other hand, if there is a place where nobody would have expected to hear this kind of thing, it is well within the framework of the college of Bliss. Especially the evening of the ball.

Armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, a small drug trafficker by the name of Hector Espina will unload rabies in the belly and kill in less than a minute three teenagers and a teacher, reserving for his fifth victim an even worse fate: a bullet in the brainstem.

The aftermath

Oliver Loving was only seventeen when he was shot. And ten years later, he still lies, comatose, in bed number four of the Crockett State hospital.

As his attending physician will say, “sometimes death does not come as expected”. Because even if his mother never gave up hope, Oliver would only have a one in ten thousand chance of regaining consciousness one day. A chance to which she clings desperately, her husband having definitively sank into alcohol and her younger son having preferred to flee far the family history which is told here with finesse and talent.

A very beautiful novel.


No sex in the city?

As Jean-Pierre Ferland said, “Women are beautiful at 30, before they are pretty, after that it depends on them”. Those in Candace Bushnell’s new book know something about it, because they’re all in their 50s. To turn heads, a pretty dress has not been enough for a long time and with the humor that we know, the author explains what it is to be single at almost 60 years old.

3 seconds

The first part of a trilogy that has achieved huge success around the world, 3 seconds introduces a whole new hero: Piet Hoffmann. Working for the Swedish police, he has successfully infiltrated the Polish mafia and as a result, will soon have to agree to go to prison to supervise the sale of drugs there. The problem ? His new dangerous companions will soon suspect something … Totally addictive.

The great guide to signs with baby

Thanks to this abundantly illustrated book presenting 200 signs, it will be possible to dialogue much faster with baby. Because even if he is still very far from being able to speak, joining his two hands flat on one cheek will for example be much easier for him than to articulate the word “sleep”. A method that is really worth trying.

Eat local!

A book that is in keeping with the times, eating local, among other things, to support farmers here. But if it is very easy to do in the summer, eating local all year round requires a little more organization and preparation. This book therefore explains how to freeze, dehydrate or preserve all the seasonal vegetables to get there. With the added bonus of many mouthwatering recipes!

Chills guaranteed

The Whispering Man

Twenty years ago, the village of Featherbank was the scene of terrible crimes: a psychopath by the name of Frank Carter kidnapped and murdered five young boys there. And even after all this time, he still refuses to say where he hid the remains of little Tony Smith, the last kid to have had the misfortune to cross his path and hear his whispers. Pete Willis, the detective who sent him behind the bars at the time, may continue to visit him in jail in the hope of finding out, but Carter has never spit it out.

And once more !

It was in this charming little village in the English countryside that Tom and his eight-year-old son Jake decided to start from scratch. Moving into a new environment and a new home, Tom figured that the death of his wife Rebecca, who had died ten months earlier, might be a little easier for Jake to overcome. But unlucky, a local boy will soon be missing. And no matter how hard the police look, they won’t find it anywhere …

A psychological thriller which, it must be recognized, does not revolutionize the genre. Which doesn’t stop it from being devilishly effective!

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