Léon, the chihuahua to follow on Instagram

Leon is an approximately 2 year old crossbreed deer head chihuahua with nice long, fine hair on his neck. Claude Bégin loves him so much that he recently tattooed it on his arm. Famous, Léon even has his own Instagram account, Léon_Leblond, with more than 800 followers.

Her chihuahua tattooed on her arm

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Her chihuahua tattooed on her arm

1. What was your reason for having this dog in your home?

It was Clodelle, my girlfriend, who really wanted a dog. I would never have had a dog. She made an appointment for us in the parking lot of a Tim Hortons to go see Leon the first time. He was with a really weird gentleman. It was impossible not to take this dog home.

2. Why are you more of a “cat” or “dog”?

I am really a “cat” type. I always had cats at home when I was young. I had no interest in dogs until Leon. I had never even flattered … With Leon, I had a moment of adaptation. I had dreams of the end of the world, like when my son was born. I felt totally involved with Leon, a bit like a father. I discovered the world of dogs with Leon. He is truly a full member of the family.

3. How can you describe Leon’s personality in a few sentences?

He is adorable. He is really nice and very affectionate. He follows our rhythm well. He is very athletic when needed and is also able to be lazy when we are quiet. He runs very fast. We call it “the rocket”. He doesn’t bark much. Only when there is something fishy. He’s a rat.

4. His fault?

He can eat anything lying around, anything, even if it is dangerous for him. He’s a little silly about that. Objects are often removed from the mouth: plastic, needles, various waste, etc. You really have to be careful.

5. Does he have nicknames?

It is sometimes called lamb, chicken and petit fennec.

6 Tell us about a particular fact about Leon.

Leon’s best friend is a cat that belongs to our friend. He learned to meow before yapping. He washes like a cat. He’s a cat dog.

7. Tell us about a strange fact about your pet.

He is obsessed with ears and noses. He tries to lick ours all the time, all the time. There, we do not let it go. It’s a bit gross.

8. What is his favorite place?

He likes to be in our arms. He is in our arms all the time, all glued up. He likes it to be high up. Again, like a cat. He also likes to sleep with us in bed, under the covers, all glued to our legs.

9. Who takes care of your pet when you go on vacation?

We take him everywhere with us. Even by plane!

10. How can Leon be a source of inspiration for you?

For me, love is one of the biggest subjects in music. Leon’s unconditional love, and his soothing me, are two things that inspire me.

About Claude Bégin:

  • Singer, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter;
  • He made his small screen debut in the television series Serpent-Horse ;
  • He has two solo albums to his credit, Midnight blue and Magicians ;
  • He released a music video titled Wicked mammals at the beginning of 2020;
  • He is also a member of the music group Alaclair Ensemble.

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