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Now based in Paris, the former star of the American series, The Whispers, by Steven Spielberg who has also played in a dozen films and series has seen his life change dramatically to the point of reorienting his activities. In particular, she opened a yogist temple focused on well-being, the Kshanti Yoga studio in Paris, surrounded by the best teachers in the field.

The one known now, the new priestess of yoga, who once suffered from bulimia has had an extraordinary journey. As a child, she watched her grandfather meditate and practice yoga. Adult, she is the victim of a serious traffic accident, and must undergo four operations followed by several months of rehabilitation to finally have sequelae to an ankle, consuming cocaine to soothe her suffering and continue her work as a TV host. . It was from that point on that she opted for yoga classes. The benefits are visible, so that after some time she regains her full mobility.

This book, punctuated with photos illustrating many postures specific to yoga allowing to indulge in this discipline, reveals the beauty tips of the ex-model whose several ingredients are natural, taken from nature as well as his recipes for healthy eating. as well as his yogic routines.

Several benefits

She immediately admits that the practice of yoga has brought her many benefits. At first, she learned to accept and live authentically by being herself, moreover, she now knows how to turn her weaknesses into strength. She has also tamed patience in the face of suffering and is now living in the present moment.

During her career, she initiated herself into Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Bikram, allowing her to discover the virtues of each discipline that she transmits. Through breathing techniques, including Ujjayi, she says she experienced the complete alignment of body and mind.

An interesting and comprehensive tool for working on yourself and learning something new from the comfort of your home, while some social restrictions have just been put back in place.

Overcome addiction

If you are not addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs, perhaps you are on food or your cell phone. The author, who is a psychiatrist and specialist in the field of drug addiction, proposes in his book to overcome his crutches which are sort of destructive behaviors, even in relation to social media. Some use them for self-esteem which is good for them in the short term, but the effect is temporary and this use hides something else on the psychological level. Through various examples, the author demonstrates what is toxic about our abuses and addictions while proposing certain exercises to remedy it.

Psychology over time

It was mainly in the 90s that positive psychology made its appearance, what was called the science of happiness focusing on everything that contributes to growth and prosperity. Since then, the methods have evolved and there is more talk of love, compassion and a caring attitude. These are the new trends that contribute to their own happiness and that of those around them in order to strive for a better world. The author, Meggy Belovski, explains this evolution in her book, going back a hundred years, when psychoanalysts, far from psycho pop, analyzed human behavior in relation to mental illness. A book that allows us to understand how far we have come.

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Benevolence and wonder are recurring themes in this book written by a couple who pass on a contemporary teaching drawn from the great spiritual traditions of India. Aiming for the top, practicing compassion for others and honoring desire is their way of taming life in a quest for the absolute. While there are many things in our life that cannot be changed, the fact remains that we have the power to change many more. Thus, learning to let go in the face of impotence, freeing oneself from certain guilt and raising awareness of one’s emotions are various themes addressed in order to aspire to a life centered on well-being.

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