“Le Monde” awarded at the Bayeux Prize for war correspondents

October 30, 2019, northeastern Syria. A prison houses supposed members of Daesh. About 5,000 inmates are believed to be living here. The prison has been open for four months. It is overcrowded. This is one of the rooms where a soldier is monitoring. Each cell has a surveillance camera.

The journalist of World, Allan Kaval, won the Bayeux-Calvados Prize for war correspondents in the written press category for his report “In north-eastern Syria, the slow death of jihadist prisoners” published in October 2019. Photographer Laurent Van Der Stockt also received third prize in the photo category for his report “Iraqi protest: young people demand change” published in The world in December.

In his report from Syria, Allan Kaval, also winner of the Prix Ouest-France Jean-Marin, recounted the interior of a prison run by Kurdish forces in Hasaké governorate in the northeast of the country. Hundreds of detainees are crammed there, the last diehards of the Islamic State (IS) “caliphate”, captured often wounded or dying after the fall of Baghouz, the very last ISIS territory.

Read the award-winning report: Slow death of jihadist prisoners in northeastern Syria

Special envoy to Nagorno-Karabakh at the beginning of October, Allan Kaval was seriously injured with photographer Rafael Yaghobzadeh in the bombings on the small town of Martouni, and had to be repatriated to France.

In the written press category, the 2e prize was awarded to Fritz Schaap, for his report “Rain wars”, on the tensions in the region between Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon, and published in the German weekly Der Spiegel.

Jack Losh received the 3e award for a report published in the American magazine Foreign Policy titled “Central African rangers are as threatened as the animals they protect,” writes in the Central African Republic.

Topics about Hong Kong, Afghanistan or the Uighurs

In the photo category – International Jury Nikon Prize, the first prize went to Lorenzo Tugnoli, of the Contrasto agency, for “The Longer War”, published in the Washington post. The 2e award goes to Anthony Wallace, AFP news agency, for “Hong Kong, a popular revolt”; it also receives the Audience Award, sponsored by the French Development Agency.

In the TV category – International Jury, Amnesty International Prize, the 1er prize goes to John Sudworth and Wang Xiping for a BBC report on “Uighur Families”; this report also collects the Normandy Region Prize for high school students and apprentices. The 2e The award goes to Julie Dungelhoeff, Catherine Norris Trent and Abdallah Malkawi from France 24 for a report entitled “Libya: trap infernal”. The 3e Prize goes to Nicolas Joxe, Abdulrazzak Madi, Fajr Oraby, Belal Albayush and Obaida Alnabwani for a report aired on Arte entitled “Syria: Civilians under bombs near Aleppo”.

In the radio category – International Jury, Landing Committee Prize, the 1er the award went to Sonia Ghezali and Wahlah Shahzaib, of RFI, for a report entitled “Afghanistan: after the attack on the MSF maternity hospital”. The 2e prize goes to Gwendoline Debono, from Europe 1, for “A strike, fractures: the death of General Soleimani in Iraq” and the 3e The award goes to Emilie Baujard, from RTL, for “Les Indésombres d´Hassaké”.

Ed Vulliamy, the president of the international jury, said to himself ” exhausted, not from lack of sleep, but from the intensity of what we are doing here. It is an honor to chair this jury: the Prix Bayeux is the epicenter, the center of gravity of our profession. The great thing about the deliberations is that there is no notion of good or bad: we have to make a judgment, impossible by definition. We have to choose between the excellent and the best of all ”.

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