Le Graët’s rant

Exasperated by the endless soap opera triggered by the end of the Ligue 1 season, the president of the French Football Federation banged his fist on the table.

The order issued by the Council of State, activating the end of the season and confirming the final classification but at the same time suspending the relegations of Toulouse and Amiens, did not arrange the affairs of the League. If the LFP did not fail to welcome the decisions of the highest administrative court, Toulouse and Amiens now demand their maintenance. As for Jean-Michel Aulas, he does not intend to abdicate and intends to try his luck before the Council of State.

The soap opera does not seem close to stopping. This is not without annoying Noël Le Graët, the president of the French Football Federation. I think we have significant improvements in respecting the decisions of the courts. It’s way too long for a lot of decisions, he said in an interview with the Figaro. Too many decisions, even. We have entered a system that no longer corresponds to a reality. I won’t go as far as asking for a sports court, but still … Soap operas are often endless for details. “

Le Graët mocks Lopez

And more than Jean-Michel Aulas, however wind up against the decision of the League, it is Gerard Lopez that the boss of the FFF took it out. “Ah yes, the finance acrobat, did he laugh. Everyone can say today that we could have played. Do matches like the Germans behind closed doors? It does not interest me.”

Relaunched on the decision taken by the executive, Noël Le Graët defended the government’s choices. “We had to respect the Prime Minister’s decisions. Governments decide, it’s part of the UEFA regulations “, he justified, adding having to meet with the President of the Republic on Wednesday. I like it, I’ve had it on the phone several times. “ Calls that made you tick…

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