Lautaro and the Icardi and Werner examples

Lautaro Martinez continues to grow impatient with the idea that Barça and Inter have found common ground. But the Milanese remain greedy while Barça wants to be as reasonable as possible…

Mauro Icardi signed definitively at Paris Saint Germain for 50 million when Timo Werner has just been hired by Chelsea for 55 million euros. This seems to confirm the trend of cheaper transfers than in the past. But obviously, this reading will not be the same whether we take the side of the buying club or that of the seller.

In the case of Lautaro Martinez, Inter Milan still wants to recover more than 100 million and if possible an equivalent of its clause of 111 million when Barça will not go as high-end and intends to rely on transfers from Icardi and Werner to argue with leaders of Inter Milan.

The player, him, obviously already made his choice and would have even found an agreement for a 5 year contract with the club blaugrana. Asked about this, Ronaldo, who played for Inter Milan, Barça and real Madrid didn’t really get wet. ” Lautaro is a very good striker. He is already in a great team but we will see what will happen during the transfer window which promises to be very agitated. I don’t know what is best for him but I wish him luck. It’s not bad to have to choose between Barça and Inter“Said Fenomeno, who is now president of Valladolid, at a press conference hosted by Banco Santander.

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