Kingsley Coman, 9 champion titles at 24 years old!

Kingsley Coman has left to carve out a confusing track record … The Bayern Munich striker, crowned German champion on Tuesday evening, started his career on a crazy foundation.

At 38, Zlatan Ibrahimovic can claim to have triumphed everywhere he went, except his native land. The Swede was never sacred in his country, but was instead champion of the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and France. In all and for all, it is 13 separate national crowns that the current Rossonero has placed on his head.

To compare, Cristiano Ronaldo counts only six league victories, between England, Spain and Italy, when Lionel Messi has already gleaned La Liga ten times. These 30-year-olds will hardly be able to do much better in the years to come, which is not the case for some Kingsley coman. At 24, the striker of Bayern Munich offered his 9th championship title this Tuesday evening! Some players are chasing a trophy their entire career, when the French international, each spring since 2013, has taken the good habit of systematically adding at least one line to his list of achievements.

Twice champion in the same season

First there was Ligue 1 with the Paris Saint Germain (2013 and 2014), then Serie A in the colors of the Juventus (2015 and 2016), and finally the Bavarian training (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020). In eight years, the Frenchman has been crowned nine times champion, a successful coup thanks to two titles obtained in 2016, in Italy and Germany, since he had already played a match with the Old Lady, before going off to the side of the Allianz Arena.

And Coman is credited with as many championships won as a certain Franck Ribery for example, 37 years old and crowned nine times across the Rhine, as Thomas Müller, his 30-year-old teammate. So far, the career choices of the Parisian by birth have been difficult to question …

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