Kimi Raikkonen on 2021: “Ultimately, it’s my decision”

( – According to information from ‘’, it is already certain that Kimi Raikkonen will continue his Formula 1 career at Alfa Romeo in 2021. The 40-year-old himself denied this at Thursday’s press conference at the Nürburgring: “So far, nothing has been decided.”

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen claims that it is not certain whether and where he will drive in 2021



At the same time he confirms “talks with the team”, which had recently made it clear that he can stay if he wants to stay. “In the end,” says Raikkonen, “it’s my decision. We’ll see how it turns out.”

On the Internet this week reports made the rounds that Raikkonen himself had drawn an option for 2021 – a detail that was never reported on ‘’ and that the “Iceman” also refers to the realm of fables.

He remains cryptic: “If someone believes the news, then maybe it’s the truth. But I never had an option in my contract. That pretty much says it’s not true, doesn’t it? I’ve been like that for all these years read a lot that at some point I stopped reading because 90 percent of it is wrong. “

Raikkonen: Don’t trust the media

“The other ten percent,” says Raikkonen, “have a little something to do with it. But no, I haven’t signed anything. Not last week, not last month, not yesterday and not today. We’ll see.”

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What is certain is that Räikkönen will surpass Rubens Barrichello’s old record of 322 Grand Prix starts (according to FIA counting) at the Nürburgring. “When I started,” laughs the 40-year-old, “I had no experience. And now they say that I’m too old that they want to get rid of me!”

“I enjoy racing,” he says, “but of course it would be more fun if the results were better. Unfortunately, it was clear early in the season that we would not be where we would have liked. For various reasons . But I still enjoy racing. I’ve had a few good fights. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here anymore. I could do something else too. “

323 races: “Never made plans …”

The 21-year-old Raikkonen from 2001 would have “definitely not” believed that the 40-year-old Raikkonen would contest 323 Formula 1 races (despite career break). “I never really made any plans,” he says. “It just happened that way. Maybe it will turn out this way, maybe differently. You never know what will happen in your life.”

In his 20 years in Formula 1, the driving style has “not changed insanely”, says Raikkonen: “Of course there is a new car every year. Sometimes a good, sometimes a bad one. But the sport as a whole has changed more than driving There are more people now, more technology. “

“But let’s take a completely normal life and see how it has changed from 2000 to today. It will be very similar. Or any other sport. It’s about more money, there is more politics, everything will be more difficult. In the early years everything was a bit more old school. “

And then the Alfa Romeo driver gives a very specific example of an area in which, in his opinion, Formula 1 has changed for the worse: “Simulators!” Because even at 40, the “Iceman” has absolutely no desire for virtual racing …

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