Kim Yo Jong: The influential sister of the North Korean ruler

Liaison office destroyed: She ordered demolition: This is Kim Jong Un’s influential sister

North Korea is angry about the neighboring country of South Korea and has blown up a liaison office. The escalation was announced, but not by the North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, but by his younger sister – who is believed to have more and more power.

“I feel it is time to break with the South Korean government.” With these words, Kim Korea’s sister Kim Jong Un was quoted by the North Korean state media last Saturday. Said and done. The Inner Korean Liaison Office was destroyed on Tuesday at 2:50 p.m. (local time). The state media reported that the building in Kaesong, near the border, was blown up as a result of the interruption of all communication links between South and North Korea. This shows that Kim Yo Jong Ernst’s statements should be taken seriously.

The reason for this step is a propaganda campaign by South Korean activists. At the end of May, North Korean refugees and activists ballooned about half a million leaflets north of the border near the border. This criticizes the government in Pyongyang and calls on the North Koreans to overthrow the autocratic leadership.

North Korea had already threatened the end of a military agreement with South Korea in 2018 on confidence-building measures and the closure of a liaison office at the border. Even then KimYoJong spoke up and did something: Pyongyang cut all communication channels to Seoul.

Common childhood in Switzerland

Who is this woman who has been appearing more and more frequently for some time and is considered the most important advisor to Kim Jong Un?

“Her influence within the North Korean government is increasing. She enjoys the trust of her brother,” explains North Korea expert Enrico Fels from the University of Bonn in an interview with FOCUS Online. The siblings are said to have been closely connected to each other since childhood, as the North Korea insider portal “North 38” writes. Together they are said to have been screened and to have attended a school in Bern, Switzerland under other names. They witnessed how her aunt fled from Switzerland to the United States with her family in 1998.

Not much has been known since then about the career of ruler Kim Jong Un, who was two years younger. According to some reports, Kim Yo Jong is said to have studied computer science at Kim Il Sung University.

In 2016, her brother promoted her to a key position and made her a member of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party. In addition, she is officially Vice Director of the Department for Propaganda and Agitation – and thus largely responsible for the personality cult around her brother. She should plan his public appearances and trips and also write his speeches.

Sister came into focus this year

At the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Kim Yo Jung represented her brother on site and was the first member of the Kim dynasty since the end of the Korean War in 1953 to set foot on South Korean soil.

He was also accompanied by his sister at KimJongUn’s first 2018 summit with South Korea’s President Moon in Panmunjom or at the meeting with US President Donald Tump in Singapore.

At the end of April, when ruler Kim Jong Un disappeared from the scene, Kim Yo Jong came into focus again. Experts have been acting as successors for a long time if something happens to her brother. Shortly before the disappearance, Kim Jong Un had promoted his sister to a higher position in the leadership of the Organizing and Leadership Department (OGD) of the ruling Labor Party.

“Special role in North Korea”

North Korean expert Fels sees that the influential woman is now making threats and promptly following up on actions as a logical consequence: “Under no circumstances did she want to put her in a position in which she made announcements that were not followed.” It is no coincidence that the North Korean media report on the influential sister more frequently and have officially named her since about 2014: “She should be presented as a new high-profile actor on the international stage. In addition, power should remain within the family. The world population should now be aware that it has a special role in North Korea. ”

So far it has not been clarified how deeply rooted the suppression is for them outside the Kim clan and within the North Korean leadership elite, says Fels.

What happens now after the liaison office is blown up?

What follows after the North Korean provocation? South Korea’s President Moon Jae In convened an emergency session of the National Security Council on Tuesday, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap. The North Korean army has meanwhile threatened military action. It is “fully operational,” said the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army.

Because of a deterioration in internal Korean relations, an “action plan” is already being examined to “turn the front line into a fortress”, the army leadership was quoted by the state media. The army plans to send soldiers back to areas that have been demilitarized under an agreement between the two countries.

The North Korean army made no statement as to which areas it would like to penetrate again. According to South Korean media reports, North Korea could again set up border posts on the highly fortified common border.

Internal Korean relations have come to a standstill since North Korea’s failed summit with the United States in February last year. According to the expert Fels, this is a sign of how North Korea alienated from South Korea and the United States. He suspects that North Korea wants to increase the pressure on the United States as the conflict escalates.

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