Juve-OL in Turin or Portugal

UEFA validated the format of the end of the Champions League on Wednesday. So there will be a Final 8 in Lisbon as announced in recent days. But there remains an unknown for the end of the quarterfinals.

The end European competitions gets ready. We already know a lot more since this Wednesday. At least officially since the UEFA Executive Committee confirmed the end of the competition with a Final 8 in Lisbon. But Olympique Lyonnais, victorious in its round of 16 first leg against Juventus Turin (1-0), does not yet have all the information in hand. Indeed, the eighth return will take place on August 7 and 8 but we do not yet know if they will compete in the stadiums initially planned (either Turin for Juve-OL, Manchester for City-Real Madrid, Munich for Bayern-Chelsea and Barcelona for Barça-Naples), or in Portugal but not in Lisbon.

Estádio do Dragao in Porto and Estádio Dom Afonso Henriques in Guimaraes will be added to the Lisbon venues for the knockout stages, if necessary“, Said UEFA. The European organization did not wish to validate the places of the round of last 16 due to the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. The events that are shaking Beijing again can only comfort them in this choice.

Clubs would prefer to play at home. But we don’t have enough information to decide. Safety and health come first. (…) There is still time to analyze the situation, to know if the teams will be able to travel, without risking quarantine, before knowing where the eighth returns will be played. These return matches are not like the quarters and a half that will be played in a single match“, Underlined Giorgio Marchetti, UEFA assistant general secretary, quoted by RMC Sport. The final answer is not expected before July.

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