Julia Chapman’s “Rendezvous with Danger”: Love and Crimes in Yorkshire

Fifth installment in the hit series of Yorkshire Detectives, Rendezvous with Danger invites readers to meddle in the most troubled stories in all of the Yorkshire Dales. British writer Julia Chapman drew inspiration from her region to imagine three stories where love, lots of sheep and smuggling intersect. Samson and Delilah, his extraordinary detectives, will be full of arms!

Auctioneer Harry Furness calls upon Samson and Delilah, two Yorkshire detectives, following a fatal accident at the Brunscliffe cattle fair. The affair takes a darker turn when they discover that it was not accidental.

At the same time, the farmer Clive Knowles falls in love. He neglects his sheep … and realizes that he must call on the detectives, because the count is not good. He got robbed.

For its part, the poacher Pete Ferris discovers the existence of a drug trafficking network in the region and decides – bad idea – to do some blackmail. His plan forces him to seek help from the detectives. When the three cases intermingle, Samson and Delilah realize that they are in grave danger.

An inspiring country

Julia Chapman, a prolific writer who often uses humor in her novels, says that her daily walks in the Yorkshire Dales constantly inspire her. “It is a region of gentle hills where there are many sheep and pastures separated by old stone walls. It’s almost a country in itself and its history goes back a long time, long before Henry VIII. ”

The people of Yorkshire, whom she brilliantly describes in her novels through her characters, have their own ways. “People are very direct here: if you make a mistake, they will tell you quickly. There is a very close link with the culture of the Vikings, because they populated the region. Many place names and expressions come directly from the Scandinavian and Norwegian languages. It’s a very inspiring place. ”

Julia Chapman had the idea to write the Yorkshire detectives during a morning run in his region. “I was planning to write a thriller in a town in the north of England … but I was going home taking notes on the scenery, the birds I heard, the sheep. I changed my mind, and decided to write a police investigation on a lighter note. “

New literary genre

She wanted to portray a real community that faces real problems. “In the United States, we call this literary genre cozy crime. On the other hand, if there are certain aspects of my books that are “comfortable”, I also want them to be grounded in reality, not frivolous. I want it to be realistic and show the challenges and hardships of living in this rural area. ”

She notes that a sense of humor is a very common trait in Yorkshire. “People are direct, and are able to see light even in the darkest days. I try to show this in my novels. Instead of using the term cozy crime, I tend to say that these are novels where you see crimes … without their filthy side. “

Julia Chapman really likes the character of Delilah. “She’s great for not loving herself, even if she runs a dating agency. Her heart stories are real disasters. ”

  • Born in England, Julia Chapman taught English around the world and ran an inn in the Pyrenees before returning home.
  • She now lives in the Yorkshire Dales in the north of England. This picturesque region inspired him the series of novels Yorkshire Detectives.


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