John Bolton settles accounts with Donald Trump

Former national security adviser John Bolton February 17 in Durham, North Carolina.

The White House’s efforts to thwart the publication of John Bolton’s book, scheduled for June 23, took on their full meaning with extracts from the New york times, the Washington Post, as well as in the Wall street journal, Wednesday June 17.

It’s certainly the word of a former diplomat who lost his job as a national security adviser, and John Bolton’s sniper temper was tested by many before Donald Trump.

But the speech is devastating nonetheless, because John Bolton’s conservative credentials are difficult to attack and because the septuagenarian, who has reached the end of a long career, has no reason to remain silent.

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The book’s title The Room Where It Happened ((The room where it happened, Simon and Schuster), is in itself a whole program. The former US ambassador to the United Nations worked for Donald Trump for more than a year, from March 2018 to September 2019. Countless photos show him alongside the president, notably in the Oval office, a block hand notes. The editor of the training lawyer who became a diplomat said that, contrary to what the White House said, which attacked him on Monday, these briefs were stripped of all information that could harm American interests. Their political charge is intact.

Re-election calculations

The common thread of the extracts published on Tuesday could be summed up in one sentence: “I find it difficult to identify any important Trump decision during my time in the White House that was not motivated by re-election calculations. It appears in a column by the same author published by the business daily, after a cruel demonstration of the “Chinese strategy” followed by the President of the United States. This choice is not trivial: it is one of the rare fields where many experts, however put off by Donald Trump’s unconventional style and instincts, are often ready to give him credit for consistency and determination.

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According to John Bolton, this firmness is only apparent. She has been eroded by the desire to stay in the White House for four more years, no matter what.

She pushes, according to him, Donald Trump, at a bilateral summit with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Japan, in June 2019, “To steer the conversation toward the next US presidential election, alluding to China’s economic ability to weigh in on the current campaign, pleading with Xi to make sure he wins ” It is a question of obtaining the commitment to buy by China of American agricultural products hostages of the trade war opposing Washington to Beijing, whereas the rural States constitute an electoral pillar of Trumpism.

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