Joe Biden will not hold meetings before the US presidential election in November

Journalists who attend Joe Biden's June 30 speech at a high school in Wilmington, Delaware, must follow social distancing rules.

New twist in this strange American presidential campaign: Joe Biden announced Tuesday, June 30, that he would follow “The doctor’s instructions” and would not hold election rallies because of the Covid-19 pandemic, playing a risky contrast to rival Donald Trump. Brandishing the very heavy American toll, the new surge of coronavirus cases in the south and west of the country and the exacerbation of deep political divisions, the former vice-president of Barack Obama has exhausted the management of the pandemic by the Republican billionaire.

“The Americans have not made these enormous sacrifices in the past four months (…) so that you spoil all these efforts with your tirades and tweets in the middle of the night”said Joe Biden in a speech at a high school in his city of Wilmington, Delaware. “They did not do it so that you could ignore science and make responsible initiatives like wearing a mask a political position. And they certainly didn’t do it, Mr. Chair, so you can wash your hands of it and turn your back on that responsibility. ”, he launched.

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The pandemic suddenly overturned the US presidential campaign. Confined for long weeks at home, Joe Biden did not organize any public outing between March 15 and May 25. “This is the strangest campaign in modern history, it seems to me”, he recognized. But for now, she succeeds: Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by more than nine points in the average of the national polls, but also, crucial point, in the key states which make and defeat the elections in the United States by rocking d ‘one party to another, the famous’ swing states’.

The risky gamble of contrast with Donald Trump

“I’m going to follow the doctor’s instructions, not just for me but for the country. And that means that I will not organize meetings “added the 77-year-old political veteran. Joe Biden did not say whether he was talking about his personal physician or the advice of health officials more generally. And he did not say whether this decision could change if the situation improved.

The risky announcement marks a sharp contrast to Donald Trump, whom he will face at the polls on November 3. Presented as a pledge of responsible prudence, it could thus reinforce the image that his rival is trying to paint of an overly old, weakened, fragile candidate. The 74-year-old Republican was strongly criticized for organizing a campaign rally on June 20 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which brought together several thousand people in this southern state in the midst of an outbreak of coronavirus cases. .

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Not having gathered as many people as he had publicly hoped, the event turned into a fiasco. And his team said Tuesday that they have no date or place to announce for an upcoming meeting at this point. Claiming he is taking advantage of the pandemic to ” to hide “ At home, the president regularly makes fun of Joe Biden, even questioning his mental abilities.

Three debates maintained at the start of the school year

Known for his blunders and his sometimes confused flights, Joe Biden wanted to sweep these accusations with a short sentence: “I can’t wait to compare my cognitive skills with” those of Donald Trump. And the Democrat to claim that he also had “Hurry” to participate in the three debates scheduled for the start of the school year. Everything is therefore turned upside down in this campaign in the era of the coronavirus, including the traditional conventions which will tie up the candidates of each party at the end of August and usually bring together thousands of people.

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Joe Biden was also asked about the recent debunking of statues of Confederate generals, who notably fought against the abolition of slavery during the American Civil War (1861-1865). Actions that outraged Donald Trump and his camp.

“It is always better” remove them “Peacefully”said the Democrat, very popular with black voters. But he also noted that the ” responsibility “ to withdraw them was the priority for local elected officials as the country arrived ” finally “ at a stage where he “Could perhaps respond to systemic racism”.

And he criticized Donald Trump for his handling of the case of possible Russian bonuses paid to insurgents to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan: that his rival was not informed of these allegations by his intelligence services, like the claims the White House, or that he did not act when he knew it, he committed a “Breach of duty” of president.

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