Joe Biden: While Trump is sick, his challenger is changing his strategy

Biden clearly ahead in polls: While Trump is in the hospital, Biden suddenly changes his strategy

Poll high for Joe Biden: After Trump became infected with the coronavirus, support for him waned. Meanwhile, his challenger is changing his campaign strategy.

US President Trump does not like to show weakness. Even if his condition was more serious than initially shown, the corona patient even moved outside of the hospital on Sunday. What’s behind it?

The Americans will elect a new president in four weeks. In the hottest phase of the election campaign, Trump has to isolate himself because of an infection with the corona virus. Nevertheless, he and his supporters are trying with all their might to campaign. And the pressure is increasing: Trump’s poll numbers have fallen slightly since his illness.

10-point lead for Biden

In a recent poll, 51 percent of eligible voters say they support Biden, and only 41 percent want to vote for Trump. This is shown in a survey published on Sunday by the market research institute Ipsos for the Reuters agency. This gives the Democratic candidate Biden a 10-point lead over Trump. Biden’s lead is slightly higher than before Donald Trump’s corona disease became known.

Biden has thus secured a head start about a month before the election. In order to win the presidency, however, it is above all important to assert oneself in the contested states. Polls show that votes for Trump and Biden are almost even in these states. The most important so-called “swing states” include Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

US poll: Trump should have taken the virus more seriously

With a view to Trump’s corona disease, 65 percent of the Americans surveyed currently state that the US president could have avoided his own infection had he taken the virus more seriously. But: 34 percent still believe that Trump told them the truth about the virus.

However, the majority of Americans are fundamentally dissatisfied with Trump’s handling of the pandemic (57 percent). Compared to the previous week, this value has increased by three percentage points.

One reason for this: the US President downplayed the dangers of the pandemic right up to the end. He repeatedly stressed that the virus would go away on its own and mocked Biden for wearing mouth and nose protection.

Biden seizes his chance: New campaign strategy?

While Trump is now in quarantine and trying to reach his voters via Twitter and a questionable car appearance, Biden’s campaign team sees his chance. The Trump challenger is changing his campaign strategy. So far, the Democratic presidential candidate has hosted all election campaign events via livestream due to the pandemic. Today, however, he is traveling to Florida and in the course of the week to Arizona, as the “New York Times” reports. Biden is apparently expanding his geographic focus and visiting especially traditional republican states.

In other countries, Biden’s team will also switch to the classic door-to-door election campaign – a method that he had clearly ruled out due to the risk of infection. Hundreds of volunteers join over the weekend and want to catch votes in the states of Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Michigan and Nevada, reports National Public Radio. The so-called “door knocking” is primarily intended to reach the undecided and non-voters. In a situation in which Trump had to cancel all events and cannot campaign personally, Biden and his team are clearly on attack.

Biden has the head with German respondents

In the eyes of the Germans, too, Biden is clearly one step ahead: if his polling figures dropped a bit recently, they rose slightly in the last five days. According to a survey by the Civey Institute for FOCUS Online, 45.2 percent of Germans now expect Biden to win. 38.1 percent believe Trump will win the election.

The development of the survey in Germany shows that in August the large majority saw Biden ahead, at the beginning of October his poll numbers fell slightly and Trump caught up. While almost 55 percent saw Biden in front in August, it was just 45 percent at the beginning of October. Only 28 percent of those surveyed believed in Trump as president in August, and almost 38 percent saw him as the winner of the election in early October.

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