Joe Biden vows to bring America out of its darkness

At the end of the Democratic national convention, Joe Biden officially accepted his nomination as candidate for the next election by promising, in a vibrant speech, to bring the country “out of darkness”, to unite the United States, to fight “divisions” and choose “facts over fiction” once in the White House.

He also said he was ready to finally erase the “stain of racism” from the fabric of America. “I believe we are up to the task. I believe we are ready, ”he said.

For more than 20 minutes, the former vice president urged Americans to make the historic choice to change the course the United States embarked on four years ago. “We can choose the path that leads to more anger, less hope, more division, a path of shadows and suspicion,” he said live and without an audience from Wilmington, Delaware, where the convention , completely virtual because of the pandemic, has also been played since Monday evening. Or we can take the path to heal, to reform and to unite. “

According to him, “this election is crucial. It’s the one that will determine what America is for a long period of time. Morality is in this ballot, compassion, decency, science, democracy are in this ballot. “

Unsurprisingly Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump directly, without ever naming him, a president who “locked Americans in the dark for too long, in too much anger, too much fear, too many divisions”, a- he said. “Here and now, I promise you that if you give me the presidency, I will draw on the best in us. I will be an ally of the light, not the dark. “

For the Democratic candidate, the United States is facing four historic crises, “a real storm”, he called “the worst pandemic in 100 years, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the cry. more convincing for racial equality since the 1960s and the undeniable reality of the threat posed by climate change ”. A setting of issues that Donald Trump has failed to face like the president. “He failed to protect the United States,” he said. “And that’s unforgivable. “

Joe Biden used his address to run as a unity candidate for all Americans. “This is not a partisan moment. It’s an American moment, he said of the election. America is not just a collection of competing interests, blue states and red states. We are much bigger than that. He also promised to take charge of the management of the pandemic crisis on day one of his presidency, in particular by decreeing an obligation to wear a mask throughout the country. “In short, we are going to do what should have been done from the start,” he said.

Improbable support

Earlier today, the Democratic candidate received the support of more than 70 former national security officials who served in Republican administrations. “While we had hoped, like all Americans, that Donald Trump would govern wisely, he disappointed millions of voters who trusted him and demonstrated that he was dangerously unfit for another term,” said in a statement issued during the day, the group composed among others of the former chief of staff of the Department of Homeland Security, Miles Taylor, the former director of the CIA Michael Hayden and the former director of national intelligence John Negroponte. Taylor has released in the past few days her accounts of conversation with Trump, calling her experience with him “terrifying.”

According to them, “Joe Biden has the character, the experience and the temperament to lead this nation.”

“Some of us have different political positions than Joe Biden and his party,” they wrote. The time to debate these political differences will come later. For now, it is imperative that we stop Trump’s assault on our nation’s values ​​and institutions and restore the moral foundations of our democracy. “

This support is in addition to the many support from Republicans since the beginning of this convention. On Thursday night, a 95-year-old veteran, posing as a staunch Republican since his first vote, spoke in a short video to scold the current president and announce he was going to vote for Joe Biden.

Visibly in front of television at the time of the convention, Donald Trump produced a critical tweet while restraining at the end of the speech of his adversary. “In 47 years, Joe hasn’t done anything he talks about. He won’t change. Just words, ”he wrote.

During the day, he held a political meeting in front of supporters in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the hometown of Joe Biden. The state opened the door to the White House for him in 2016. He is now lagging behind in the polls against the Democrat.

“Slow Joe will be speaking at the Democratic convention, and I’m sure he’s just going to knock them out,” he said. And he will remind us that he was born in Scranton. But you know, he left, ”he added, accusing the former vice president of abandoning this working-class town.

“Joe Biden is no friend of Pennsylvania,” Trump told the crowd. “It’s your worst nightmare. “

The Democratic convention ended without releasing any balloons, but with fireworks, and running mate Kamala Harris and her husband, all masked, arrived on stage.

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