Joe Biden: Positions, strategy, career – this is Trump’s challenger

It is an unimaginable number, an almost incomprehensible level of suffering and grief: In the USA, almost 200,000 people have now died after being infected with the coronavirus. That corresponds to a large city wiped out, roughly 67 times the number of victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Tens of thousands mourn their parents. Others miss siblings, grandparents, partners or friends. Critics accuse President Donald Trump of failure.

The virus, which Trump has repeatedly referred to as an “invisible enemy”, could destroy his hopes for a second term in the presidential election on November 3rd. Trump is likely to go down in history as Corona President – one way or another.

Is this the chance for challenger Joe Biden? For the former deputy of President Barack Obama, there are still tough weeks ahead: The Trump camp is deploying heavy artillery – despite the critical handling of the corona virus – and Joe Biden could trip himself again and again: He regularly brings himself with unsuccessful ones Formulations in a mess and is known for slip-ups and slip-ups.

Joe Biden’s strategy is “Unite America”

There are many reasons why Biden is currently still the favorite: the Democrat has consistently positioned himself as an alternative to the incumbent from the start of his election campaign. He promises voters, tired of the grueling Trump presidency, a return to normalcy, reliability, calm governance, decency and American values.

In the coronavirus pandemic in particular, Biden has benefited from his reputation as an experienced and level-headed leader, while Trump has received devastating criticism for his erratic crisis management. And while Trump continued to fuel tensions in the White House after the death of the African American George Floyd, Biden presents himself as a bridge builder and reconciler.

“Unite America” ​​has become a central motto of the longtime senator – even if he knows how difficult it is in view of the heated political climate in the country.

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The election of Kamala Harris as runner-up earned Biden a lot of praise

The thermometer is likely to rise noticeably in the coming weeks. Observers fear one of the dirtiest election campaigns in US history. Trump has been denigrating “sleepy Joe”, as he prefers to call Biden, for weeks now, alternately as aging, corrupt, China-friendly, anti-police or “puppet of the radical left”.

In the three TV debates planned for the fall, Biden is likely to have to endure wild Trump attacks. And he is truly not considered to be particularly eloquent and quick-witted: In interviews, Biden, who stuttered as a child, repeatedly had difficulties getting sentences to an orderly end.

But the veteran of Washington’s political business has repeatedly surprised doubts. In the Democratic candidate race, many Biden had written off after the first pre-election lapses until he made a brilliant comeback and secured the presidential candidacy.

While many feared that the progressive camp would never place itself behind the center politicians, Biden has noiselessly integrated opinionated left-wing idols such as Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and adopted parts of their proposals without deviating from his moderate course. Most recently, he received a lot of praise for his election of the black Senator Kamala Harris as a vice-candidate.

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Biden would be the oldest president in history

Biden only temporarily set back the fact that the coronavirus crisis makes a classic election campaign impossible. While many initially mocked that the 77-year-old was hiding in the basement of his house in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden’s cautious approach is now being praised as wisdom in view of the dramatic corona numbers in the country.

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In any case, Biden, who will be 78 years old on November 20, should not be sad that there will be no major election campaign events this year due to Corona: The former Vice President is not one who causes storms of enthusiasm among listeners. In contrast, for the right-wing populist tribune Trump, appearances in front of thousands of cheering supporters are the campaign engine and elixir of life.

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For Biden, who first ran for the Democratic presidential nomination more than 30 years ago, the White House is now within reach. If he wins the election, he will become the oldest president in US history. But until then, Biden knows, he will have to fight hard every day.

Joe Biden’s life and political career

  • 1942: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was born November 20th in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Because his father had difficulties finding work, the family later moved to the state of Delaware, which is still Biden’s home today.
  • 1966: Biden, then a law student at Syracuse University, New York, married his first wife, Neilia Hunter. The couple will have three children together in the coming years.
  • 1970: The lawyer Biden goes into politics and is elected to the district council in his home country.
  • 1972: At just 29 years old, Biden is elected to the US Senate as one of the youngest politicians in history. A few weeks later, his wife and daughter Naomi died in a car accident while shopping for Christmas, and his two sons Beau and Hunter survived seriously injured.
  • 1973: Biden is considering putting his political career on hold, but then takes the office of senator. In the following decades he was re-elected six times and was a member of the Congress Chamber for 36 years.
  • 1977: Biden is second married to the teacher Jill Jacobs. The couple had a daughter three years later.
  • 1987: In the year before the 1988 presidential election, Biden ran for the candidacy of the Democrats, but got out of the race early.
  • 2008: Biden applies again for the presidential candidacy – again unsuccessfully. Primary winner Barack Obama makes him his runner-up candidate. Together they win the presidential election on November 4th against the Republican duo John McCain and Sarah Palin.
  • 2009: Biden will take office as Vice President on January 20th. He will serve as deputy to Barack Obama, the first black president in US history, for eight years.
  • 2012: Obama and Biden are re-elected for a second term.
  • 2015: Biden’s son Beau dies of a brain tumor – another stroke of fate in the life of the devout Catholic. As a result, Biden decided not to run for the presidency for the 2016 election.
  • 2019: In April, Biden will enter the Democratic race for the presidential candidacy for the 2020 election. He quickly became a favorite, but did poorly in the first television debates.
  • 2020: After several primary defeats, Biden can finally turn the tide and win more and more states. In April, left-wing Senator Bernie Sanders, his last rival, throws in the towel. On August 11th, Biden makes the black Senator Kamala Harris his so-called running mate, the candidate for the office of vice president.

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