Joe Biden admits mistakes in TV debate – and offers viewers a speech

Joe Biden answered questions from voters on Thursday evening on ABC. Alone because Donald Trump canceled the joint TV duel and unceremoniously pulled through a competitive appearance on NBC.

In the largely empty auditorium in Philadelphia, Biden calmly answered voters’ questions – it was about the fight against the corona pandemic, the controversial police work, and inequality in American society.

Joe Biden advocates masks

“He missed enormous opportunities and kept saying things that were not true,” Biden accused President Trump of dealing with the corona pandemic. More than 210,000 people died in the USA as a result of this infection – “and what is he doing? Nothing, ”he said of his competitor.

Biden also campaigned for the wearing of masks to fight the virus. With the masks, another lockdown can be prevented, but Trump is working against it with his behavior. “When a president doesn’t wear a mask or makes fun of people like me (…), people say, ‘It won’t be that important,” “Biden said. “I think it is important what we say.” The Democrat always shows himself in public with mouth and nose protection, Trump, who was infected with Corona, only rarely.

With a view to the debate between the two candidates planned for next Thursday, Biden made it clear that he expected Trump to be tested again. Decency just dictates it, he explained. For him it is not about himself, but about other people who could be endangered. “I think he (Trump) will do that,” he said.

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Joe Biden: “We are a diverse country”

Joe Biden also called for equality for people in the USA during Question Time. “We are a diverse country. As long as we don’t treat people equally, we will never be able to reach our full potential, ”says Biden. If he is elected president, he will never express himself racist or divisive. He’ll try to get one.

Moderator George Stephanopoulos asked Biden what defeat would tell him about what America was today. “Well, it could mean that I was a bad candidate and I didn’t do a good job,” the former Vice President replied. He doesn’t hope that it means that people are at odds with one another on ethnic and religious issues the way Trump wants them to be.

Joe Biden also admits mistakes

Voters also confronted him with issues that are uncomfortable for Biden: for example, a law against crime from the 1990s that supported Biden and what many blame for discrimination against minorities. Biden admitted it was a mistake to support the law.

In addition, at the moderator’s insistence, he agreed to clarify before the election what he thought of an expansion of the judge’s posts at the Supreme Court after he was asked several times about his position but did not want to comment.

Biden has not fully spoken out against expanding the Supreme Court judiciary. “I wasn’t a fan of the expansion of the court,” and he isn’t today either. But he is open to consider it should the Republicans move forward with the appointment of a vacant judge post before the November 3rd election.

30 minutes longer than Trump’s appearance

Joe Biden’s appearance on Thursday night was longer than Trump’s. While the President asked questions for an hour, Biden was 90 minutes – in both cases there were several short commercials. At the end of many of his sometimes long answers, Biden said to voters that he hoped to have answered the question. When a voter could not hide that he was not completely satisfied with an answer Biden, he offered to continue talking after the broadcast had ended – which he did.

The last TV debate is planned for October 22nd as a direct encounter before the election. Trump has already spoken out against rule changes to the concept of the TV duels, which the organizers had announced as a consequence of the chaos in the first debate.

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