Jocelyne Cazin: an unconventional journey

Former journalist Jocelyne Cazin, who has distinguished herself throughout her career with her determination, courage and remarkable work, has proven to us that she is not a woman like any other. As she now feels the urge to reveal herself about her private life, it’s no wonder she uses straight talk, agreeing to lay bare in her autobiography and making herself, once again , someone who stands out.

On the cusp of her 70s, the communicator and ex-journalist who first gained recognition by co-hosting the show I. at TVA wanted to reveal personal details about his life, including his homosexuality, believing that it would not have been possible to do so a few years ago. Since submitting her manuscript, she feels freer than ever and freed from a heavy burden.

“I hope to help some women who do not accept their homosexuality,” says Jocelyne Cazin, who describes herself as a sensual person and a great passion. This is the observation that one will make when reading her biography, which, nevertheless, adds a certain vulnerability, far from the image that the public woman projects. “My vulnerability is doubt,” she says. I created a pretty powerful shell for myself. “

In addition to some of the professional aspects covered in this book, it is mainly her romantic relationships that she depicts in this second book, with great emotion.

Women too

If Jocelyne Cazin has no qualms about revealing her romantic adventures with men, you will quickly realize that she also loved women and that she shared her intimate and loving life with many of them.

“I do this coming out because I believe that in 2020 it is easier to admit bisexuality than homosexuality, ”emphasizes the author, who is also the recipient of four Artis trophies.

One thing is certain, man or woman, it has not always been easy: she even admits that she has become the plaything of one of his romantic conquests. “She managed to manipulate what was left of my dignity,” reveals the ex-journalist, who is not afraid of taboos when recounting his sexual relations.

The difficulties

Reading this book, we understand that in many ways Jocelyne Cazin has not had it easy, both in her personal and professional life.

At times, he was not given gifts. On one show, for example, on her birthday, she was laughed at on air by implying that she liked women. “I came out of the studio completely demolished,” says the host.

Besides the professional challenges, there was the death of her son, the feeling of rejection, heartbreaks and alcohol too, with excesses that she now controls.


Reading her book, one inevitably feels some heart pangs that she experienced, especially when she talks about her short political career, when she ran for the CAQ for a by-election in the riding of Chauveau and that she was defeated.

Whether she would make the jump to politics again someday, the ex-host replies that she has considered it, but that she might not be ready to sacrifice her winters in sunny Florida.

Rather, she cherishes other dreams, including that of going on an adventure in a motor vehicle to cross America.

At the dawn of a new decade, she still feels like a young woman ready to be seduced and open her arms to many caresses, while also dreaming of discussions to remake the world over a good meal.


Decidedly, travel has helped to shake up the Jocelyne in me. A stay in Guadeloupe brought me to another galaxy. It was in a meeting with players from the French national soccer team and their spouses that I met Fernando, a native Catalan who lived in Marseille, he was one of the few singles in the group. A beautiful fleeting love that once again confirmed to me that my straight life could have a future. Back to reality, I continued with a woman my hidden life, which remained private except for close friends. “

  • Jocelyne Cazin also wrote the book I dare to disturb.
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