Jean Alesi: Vettel had a harder time at Ferrari than Schumacher

( – Sebastian Vettel’s dream of winning the world championship with Ferrari will most likely no longer come true. At the end of the year, the four-time world champion will leave Scuderia after six seasons together – probably without a title. Jean Alesi told ‘Sky’ that he was “very surprised” that they split up before the first race in 2020.

Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel

Did Sebastian Vettel find it harder at Ferrari than Michael Schumacher?



“There was definitely something that didn’t go as it should,” said the Frenchman about Vettel’s time at Ferrari. “I have massive respect for Sebastian,” Alesi clarifies. “He gave everything to become world champion with Ferrari – and failed,” he makes no secret of the fact that Vettel’s mission in Maranello has failed in his opinion.

“But he didn’t fail because it was his fault or that of the team. Something didn’t work out,” explains Alesi. Vettel’s decision to leave the team required “courage” because the German currently has no place for 2021. At the same time, Alesi explains why, in his opinion, Vettel had a more difficult time at Ferrari than Michael Schumacher.

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Schumacher moved from Benetton to Ferrari in 1996. With Benetton, he had become world champion twice in a row when he came to Scuderia, where he replaced Alesi. “When Michael Schumacher, for example, took my place, he came with a complete technical team. He worked with the same people [wie bei Benetton]”recalls Alesi.

With a little delay, Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne, with whom Schumacher had previously been successful at Benetton, also changed Maranello. “It took four years to become world champion, but it happened,” Alesi recalls. In 1997 Schumacher had his “dream team” together at Ferrari, in 2000 he became world champion in red for the first time.

“Sebastian was in a different situation,” explains Alesi. For example, Adrian Newey, the intellectual father of Vettel’s world championship cars, did not go to Ferrari from Red Bull. At Scuderia, the German has twice been runner-up world champion. In 2017 and 2018, he fought for a long time for the world title, but lost the duel against Lewis Hamilton.

In 2021 Vettel will be replaced by Carlos Sainz. Alesi does not believe that there will be any major problems between the Spaniard and Charles Leclerc. “The opposite could be the case,” muses the Frenchman, who once switched to Scuderia as a young driver. “It will be easier for management to control these two pilots,” he believes.

In 2019 there had always been friction between Vettel and Leclerc. Alesi is not the first former Formula 1 driver to believe that Sainz will reduce Scuderia’s internal tensions. Martin Brundle already explains that Ferrari Sainz could “control something better” than Vettel.

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