Ivanka Trump for President? How Trump’s daughter works on a political dynasty

Businesswoman and mother: “Ivanka for President”? How Trump’s daughter is working on a political dynasty

Once a successful democratic businesswoman, now an advisor to US President Donald Trump. Ivanka Trump, the Republican’s favorite daughter, is changeable – she has shown that in the past. Will she even run for the presidency of the United States like her father in the future?

Hardly anyone is currently more active in Donald Trump’s election campaign than his declared favorite daughter Ivanka. The 38-year-old jets from one election campaign to the next almost every day. As training for your White House race in a few years?

US media are increasingly speculating about “Ivanka for President” – a possible candidacy that her mother Ivana recently confirmed on the talk show “Loose Women”. Ivanka is highly intelligent, says the proud mother, and beautiful on top of that – the best prerequisites for becoming America’s first female president. In addition, her daughter is already familiar with the work in the White House. Nobody spends more time with the president than Ivanka.

Favorite daughter of the US President

In fact, the close relationship between Donald Trump and his daughter is highlighted in all of the reveal books. Michael Cohen, Trump’s ex-lawyer and former confidante of many years, also emphasizes the close relationship between the two in the new bestseller “Disloyal”. Ivanka is the only person Trump really trusts – and he respects her.

Trump often yelled at his sons Don Jr. and Eric and had them thrown out of the office – but never even raised his voice against Ivanka. He only gave her the attention and love that all his children longed for. With Ivanka, he also often scoffed at the appearance of Tiffany – Trump’s daughter with Marla Maples. He left Ivana for her in 1990.

Unlike her brothers, Ivanka did not blame her father at the time. When she found out about her parents’ divorce, said Ivanka’s mother, she only wanted to know whether she could continue to be a Trump. She never played with Barbie dolls, instead built Trump skyscrapers out of Lego and proudly showed her father.

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In contrast to the father: Ivanka’s husband has to be reserved

In choosing her own partner, however, she specifically sought the contrast to her father. Her husband should be reserved and loyal, revealed friends from New York times – naturally wealthy, but by no means a womanizer.

Jared Kushner complied with these ideas in every area, but separated from Ivanka in 2007 at the request of his parents. For the devout Jews whose relatives died in the Holocaust, marriage outside of their religion was unthinkable. A year later, Ivanka converted to the Jewish faith.

Today she raves about how enriching it is to keep the Sabbath – Saturdays without the Internet, mobile phones and television only benefit family life. Their three children attend Jewish schools, and the kitchen in the Kushner house is strictly kosher.

Before Ivanka and Jared moved to Washington, they were considered a power couple in Manhattan’s democratic high society. They held benefit parties for New York Democrats, attended fundraising events for then Senator Hillary Clinton. Ivanka’s friendship with Clinton’s daughter Chelsea was described as particularly close.

Ivanka Trump: Once a Democratic New York Businesswoman

New York’s fashion designers courted the former model, fashion magazines such as “Vogue” celebrated the style of the mother of three. Ivanka’s jewelry and shoe design became successful and her fashion collections became bestsellers across the country.

Ivanka products only came to an end after her father took office – the calls for a boycott for goods produced in China became too loud. But not least because of Ivanka’s status and her well-known liberal inclination, many New Yorkers wanted to give Donald Trump a chance in 2016. Many people at the time hoped that their influence would temper him.

In “Disloyal”, Cohen confirms the democratic sentiments of all of Trump’s children. He wrote the book during his prison sentence for tax fraud and perjury. Donald Trump’s insults against Mexicans had not only caused panic in Ivanka – Don Jr. and Eric were also appalled. However, all the children were afraid to confront the father – instead pleading with Cohen to talk Trump out of running.

His racist rhetoric would ruin the family business, the children worry, according to Cohen. After the election victory, people have changed their mind. “Not everyone likes his style, but his success proves him right,” explains Ivanka today. Cohen, who lived next to Trump’s penthouse as a neighbor for a long time, calls the family dynamic sectarian and fearful – contradiction against Trump is completely out of the question.

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“America’s First Daughter”: Quarrel between the daughters Samantha and Ivanka

Cohen is mostly benevolent about “America’s First Daughter” – in contrast to his daughter Samantha, who was Ivanka’s neighbor as a teenager. “She was wrong,” she currently claims on US talk shows.

“For years she cut me in the lobby of Trump Tower – but teased my parents when she saw me smoke. She often came over to dinner when my father was making lasagna. She always wanted to flatter him.” She sincerely hopes never to see Ivanka again.

More and more celebrities in Manhattan seem to feel the same way. If Ivanka wears the dress of a New York fashion designer in a photo, prompt press releases from the brand appear: a coincidence – there is no connection whatsoever to the president’s daughter. If she poses in front of a painting on social media, artists immediately post that the publicity is undesirable – they have nothing to do with Ivanka.

She wants a political dynasty modeled on the Kennedys

According to media reports, the more uncertain a return to New York appears, the more likely Ivanka’s political career will be. Their children are also increasingly taking part in the election campaign. In front of photographers, they recently ran onto the stage of a Trump event in Pennsylvania to hug their grandfather in front of flashing cameras.

Ivanka is envisioning a political dynasty, as the Kennedys and their children once did. For the time being, however, she would like to continue her role as adviser to the President – out of patriotism, of course, unpaid. The government’s ethics bureau put her and Jared’s 2019 earnings at $ 135 million.

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