Ivanka Trump collects broken pieces from her father – secret weapon in the final spurt

President under pressure: Ivanka Trump picks up broken pieces from her father and becomes a secret weapon in the election finals

According to polls, women are fleeing Donald Trump and there is only one who could turn this trend around and save re-election: Ivanka Trump. It is now up to the president’s daughter to win back the women her father has alienated for years.

It may not look like it at first glance, but Ivanka Trump has the toughest job of any member of the Trump family. She kneads bread dough, she admires pumpkins, she reveals family anecdotes, looks at Halloween costumes, buys donuts and apple cider. Above all, however, she is trying in a few days to make amends for what her father destroyed in four years of presidency.

Ivanka Trump tours the United States to save her father’s unsuccessful election campaign. One week remains until the November 3rd election, and in the past six weeks she has already made 17 campaign stops and raised around 35 million US dollars in donations. Now she is traveling through the shaky swing states, in which Donald Trump is in danger of slipping further, according to recent surveys, and she is primarily focusing on the highly competitive suburbs.

Trump loses suburban women to Biden

Because it was precisely these suburbs that brought Donald Trump his unexpected victory in 2016: He won these areas with an average of four points – enough to tip entire states in the direction of the Republicans. But now, of all people, he could make historical losses with this group of voters, the suburban women, and that is another reason why his re-election is in danger.

His daughter Ivanka Trump is now supposed to save it – with a very traditional political election campaign. Bake bread, small talk, take photos with children.

It’s the kind of political activity you don’t know from the rest of the Trump family, let alone the President himself. Ivanka Trump’s brothers Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump and their partners Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lara Trump are more for the political family business responsible for the rough: incite Trump’s conservative base, provoke with statements, keep the regular voters in line.

Ivanka Trump, on the other hand, the eldest daughter of the president, is considered her father’s most powerful weapon. Because she has the power to influence those whom he has alienated with his sharp rhetoric, his tough immigration policy and his corona mismanagement. Ivanka Trump is now supposed to turn the mood in a last minute rescue mission and above all bring the white academic women back to Trump’s side. Because it was they who unexpectedly voted for Trump in thousands in 2016.

Unsuccessful election campaign for female voters

Donald Trump’s attempts to date to win back this group of voters have been anything but subtle. At the party congress and its rallies, he repeatedly appealed to the feeling of security and conjured up fears. The suburbs would be “inundated with crime and violence”. He made a promise to protect America’s housewives. He ensnares them as “football moms” and “hockey moms” and even pleaded at a recent election rally in Pennsylvania: “Suburban women, can you please like me? Don’t you remember I saved your damn neighborhood, okay? ”

But his arguments seem to be shattered by reality, as a majority of women believe that Trump’s government has made their neighborhoods more unsafe. In a study by the independent women’s rights organization “All in Together”, only 33 percent say that Trump actually made their residential areas safer.

Only one group continues to support Trump

Trump’s problem is that women, especially in the swing states, will have a significant impact on the election result. Of the women who normally always vote for Republicans, a quarter now say they will vote for Democrat Joe Biden this year. Only one group is unrelated to him: Trump is still leading among women without a higher education. In all other female voter groups, Biden currently holds a stable lead.

“[Trumps] Kind of macho presidency is rejected by women, especially the educated women who are so fed up with the 1950s, ”Larry Jacobs, director of the Center for Politics and Government at the University of Minnesota, told the Guardian. “He’s so estranged from suburban women that a number of states are now on the brink, including ones you wouldn’t expect, like Georgia.”

The “true first lady”

But Ivanka Trump is considered the counterpart to her father, both in personality and behavior. At the beginning of the Trump presidency, many moderate Republicans had hoped that Ivanka Trump, who was appointed official adviser in the White House, could moderate her father, influence him on issues such as climate change or LGBTQ rights, and thus win broader majorities for the party . But that did not happen, as the heavy losses in the 2018 midterm elections, when the Republicans were punished and lost their majority in the House of Representatives, showed.

Looking at Melania Trump, who largely avoids the public and the election campaign, some call Ivanka Trump “the real first lady”. Before 2016, Ivanka Trump had no experience in politics, was a fashion entrepreneur and real estate manager, but she got involved in her father’s first election campaign. She spoke to radio advertisements, spoke at fundraising events and the Republican Party Congress, and campaigned successfully.

Donald Trump wanted her to be Vice President

Her father Donald Trump even wanted to make her his “running mate”, the Vice President, reports former deputy campaign manager Rick Gates in his book. “I think it should be Ivanka. What about Ivanka as my Vice President? ”Donald Trump allegedly asked his team in June 2016. “She is intelligent, she is smart, she is beautiful and people would love her!” In the end, the office went to Mike Pence, but Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have also got important posts in Trump’s government.

When she tours the country to save her father’s re-election, she always tries to present another side of Donald Trump, trying to make him appear more human. She sensitively tries to make the president forget the misogynistic statements and instead presents him as a promoter and supporter of women. “I’ve seen these incredible female role models that he has used all my life in the highest management positions of the Trump organization,” she said, for example, at the party conference. She says her father doesn’t judge by gender or skin color, but by ability. Your message is clear: Look, I’m friendly, successful and understand your problems – then my father can’t be so bad either.

One week until the election

But it remains questionable whether she will be able to change a picture of her father that he created over the years in just a few days. “In the end, the local voters – and women in particular – pay very close attention to what the president says and does. And not just recently, but over four years, ”said Democratic Senator Bob Casey in a recent interview. “No advocate can reverse that. You know exactly what he did and what he didn’t. “

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