“It is up to the communities to think outside the box to take advantage of the recovery plans”

Tribune. If the crisis is global, it is important to adapt the response to this crisis at the local level to take into account the specific assets and energies at work in order to make the most of the recovery plans deployed by the European Union and by the French government. Territories, nation and Europe can complement each other in terms of crisis exit action provided that the responsibilities of each are well understood.

The different levels of government must manage their comparative advantages. It is up to the central power to stimulate recovery (the quantitative) and organize calls for projects that will bring out the best local initiatives (the qualitative). It is up to communities to build on their strengths and think outside the box to take advantage of these recovery plans. Tailored programs may be preferable to a “one size fits all” program.

Communities have information that is not available at the top level. Moreover, it is above all at the territorial level that climate action, solidarity, job creation and mobility are played out. Then the communities, the regions can have different objectives; it is the right to differentiation promoted by the Prime Minister. Finally, healthy emulation and the right to experimentation allow everyone to progress.

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For this emulation to work, communities must be in a position of responsibility. A first condition for this is good information for citizens about their public services. How do our schools, hospitals and universities compare with those in the neighboring region or with European counterparts in terms of the public funds committed? Our start-ups, creators of jobs and wealth in the region and in which public money has been invested, are they competitive?

Independence and a new eye

Most of our fellow citizens often have no information on these subjects other than the self-proclaimed excellence of the entities involved. Only an external and independent evaluation can properly inform them.

Then, the indebtedness of each local authority must continue to be controlled, otherwise it will accumulate debts for future generations.

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Finally, the sovereign power must ensure certain solidarities and coordination between territories when they are very interdependent.

In Toulouse, the constitution of a Toulouse commission, a territory of the future, in order to reflect on the post-crisis period and on the optimal use of recovery plans to prepare for it, is emblematic in several respects: its independence, all the more so. First, whether in its composition, which was completely free, or in the absence of intervention by the sponsors on its diagnosis and its conclusions. His new eye, then, with a majority of members from outside the territory, who were able to capitalize on the contribution of specialists from the Toulouse area, with more than a hundred interviews carried out with very diverse people.

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