Is Trump’s Corona Test Negative? His personal doctor refuses to give a clear answer

Before the Florida rally on Monday: is Trump’s corona test negative? His personal doctor refuses to give a clear answer

Donald Trump has his back to the wall in the US election campaign, and the incumbent President of the United States is far behind in polls. Even if it is not certain to what extent the predictions can be trusted, Trump is under pressure and is pushing back to his voters after his corona illness. But how contagious is Trump?

The information policy that Donald Trump’s personal doctor Sean Conley has been pursuing since the President’s corona infection remains nebulous. When did Trump actually get infected? Who has the US head of state infected? Is Trump Still Infectious? – After all, on Saturday he was speaking to his supporters again from the balcony of the White House. Conley does not answer a single one of these important questions and repeatedly writhes around clear statements.

Conley: Trump “poses a risk of transmission for others more”

The latest coronavirus test had shown according to “currently recognized standards” that the president “no longer poses a risk of transmission for others,” said medical doctor Sean Conley on Saturday evening in a letter distributed by the White House. Trump could go back to “his active schedule” and had no fever in the past 24 hours and was “symptom-free” – which Conley did not say. Trump’s virus concentration is decreasing, according to his personal doctor. However, since Conley is avoiding an answer to a negative corona test, it can be assumed that Trump was still tested positive for the virus.

The Republican said he had tested positive for the corona virus on October 1. However, the White House never announced when Trump’s regular corona tests were last negative. Trump fell ill with Covid-19 and was therefore treated for three days in a military hospital from October 2. There doctors gave him the antiviral drug Remdesivir, anti-inflammatory drugs and an experimental antibody cocktail, among other things. According to many experts, the aggressive treatment – contrary to what the White House said – suggested a more serious illness.

Florida, Pennsylvania and Iowa: The President’s busy rally schedule

But that doesn’t stop Trump from holding major campaign appearances again. “We are now starting again with very, very big rallies, and everything else,” he called to his enthusiastic supporters on Saturday on the south lawn of the White House: “Because we cannot allow our country to become a socialist nation.” On Saturday Trump’s campaign team also announced rallies in Pennsylvania and Iowa on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, after a previously announced rally in Florida on Monday.

He doesn’t seem to care whether Trump himself is still infectious. On Friday, the US president said on his house broadcaster Fox News that he did not know whether he was still contagious. When asked by the moderator and Trump confidante Sean Hannity when Trump was last tested negative, the 74-year-old evaded. 38 people from the area around the White House have now tested positive for the corona virus.

Trump again promises the virus will go away

Trump again promised at the White House appearance that the pandemic would soon be over: “It will disappear and the vaccines will help and the means of treatment will help a lot.” The “China virus” will be “defeated once and for all.” “He promised. However, many experts consider Trump’s forecasts for the pandemic to be far too rosy and accuse him of failure.

According to data from the University of Johns Hopkins, a good 7.7 million people in the country of 330 million people have so far been infected with the coronavirus and more than 214,000 people have died. Most recently, the CDC reported more than 50,000 new infections per day.

No agreement in the Corona stimulus package in sight

The dispute over another Corona economic stimulus package has meanwhile entered the next round: The Democrats in the House of Representatives rejected a compromise proposal by the government. The offer does not offer a conclusive plan to bring the corona pandemic under control. Apparently it aims to get Trump as much money as possible before the election, which he can dispose of as he sees fit, criticized the chairman of the Chamber of Parliament, Nancy Pelosi, on Saturday.

The government proposal is said to be worth $ 1.8 trillion (EUR 1.5 trillion). The Democrats recently presented a package worth more than $ 2 trillion. Trump’s Republicans also want to grant employers immunity for possible corona lawsuits, which the Democrats vehemently reject.

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