Is the American police racist? Democrats want to act

“Four hundred years of systemic racism”. After two weeks of historic protests in the country, the Democrats called on Sunday for a major transformation of the police, accused of discrimination, injustice and brutality against black Americans.

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Judging that the situation was now “perfectly under control” after large peaceful protests on Saturday, President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of the Washington National Guard.

Rallies continued on Sunday in several American cities, including in the federal capital where the White House is still protected by high wire barriers.

The wound of racial inequality and police violence was painfully revived in the United States by the drama of Minneapolis when the white police officer Derek Chauvin, filmed on a video on May 25, pressed his knee on the neck of George Floyd until suffocate and kill him.

Several elected Democrats want to attack what they believe is the product of racism that has plagued the history of the United States since slavery, by presenting a law to reform the police on the whole Monday the United States.

“We must be terribly honest about the nature of these problems, and we know that we are fighting against 400 years of systemic racism in the country,” argued Val Demings, elected African-American member of the House of Representatives to CBS on Sunday. .

“Cut the food”

A former police chief in Orlando, Florida, and suspected of being a running mate for Joe Biden in the November election, she ruled that racism should be eliminated from the police, but also from other parts of the society, education and housing in mind.

The Justice and Policing Act which will be presented before the two chambers intends, among other things, to create a national register for police officers committing blunders, to make it easier to prosecute officers, to rethink their recruitment and training, detailed another elected Afro -American, Karen Bass.

She insisted that it was “time for the police mentality to change in many departments of the country”.

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, several videos showing police brutality were widely circulated in the media and on social networks.

Certain measures have already been imposed at a local level since the start of this historic protest movement two weeks ago.

The Seattle police chief has announced a 30-day ban on the use of tear gas. Minneapolis police, where George Floyd died, also announced that they are now banning the dangerous technique of “choke”.

The elected progressive Alexandria Occasio-Cortez went so far as to defend a reduction in the New York police budget.

The future of such a law is uncertain. Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives, but they are a minority in the Senate.

“I don’t think there is a problem of systemic racism among law enforcement in our country,” Homeland Security Minister Chad Wolf swept the ABC channel on Sunday. .

Justice Minister Bill Barr said he understands the “mistrust” of African Americans, but assured that the country was already on the road to institutional reform since the 1960s, when the country was rocked by another historical protest movement against racism.

Less than 150 days before the presidential election, the debate was essential in the campaign.

President Donald Trump running for a second term has accused his opponent Joe Biden and the Democrats of wanting to “cut the police supplies.” He argued for “efficient and well-paid law enforcement.”

Former Barack Obama vice president will meet with George Floyd’s family in Houston on Monday before his funeral, according to the New York Times.

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