Is Amazon Prime Day coming? So you can benefit from the bargain hunt

Is Amazon Prime Day coming in September? If you want to prepare for the e-commerce event and use the flash offers that are currently available for your brand, you will find valuable tips in this article.

The date for Amazon Prime Day 2020 is still uncertain, but the signs are increasing that the day of the action will take place in September. For a few days now, flash offers for Prime Day have been discontinued, and only until July 10th. Here you can find out how to set the course for Prime Day.

The facts of Prime Day speak for themselves: According to Amazon, Prime Day 2019 was more successful than Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday combined. Merchants simply cannot afford to ignore this day, because when Amazon calls for a discount battle, the majority of users go online. A whopping 70 percent of Germans wanted to shop online on Prime Day in 2019. Why is that so attractive for retailers? Well, the range increases significantly around Prime Day, products can benefit from this in a variety of ways. With these four options, you can remain visible on Prime Dayy despite the flood of offers with your products.

1. Flash offers

Amazon loves flash offers – and what Amazon loves gets into the advertising drum. All around Prime Day, Amazon is launching various newsletters and promotional pages that advertise the very limited-time offers. Such an offer is valid for a maximum of four hours and can still be extremely high visibility. Two small drawbacks: The vendor has no influence on what time of day or night his offer goes live and there is an extra marketing fee for the vendor.

However, there are a few hurdles that a product has to overcome before it shines as a flash offer. This form of advertising is only open to sellers who have a positive seller rating. And even then, not all products are approved for this promotion. The prerequisite is that the average rating of the product is at least 3.5 stars and the forecast sales for Amazon appear lucrative. This campaign is therefore out of the question for new products, because Amazon calls up the sales history to estimate the expected sales success.

So that sellers do not accidentally get into trouble if their attractive offer meets more demand than they can (or want to) serve, there is the option of restricting the quota. A helpful protection mechanism. But don’t be tempted to offer only a very small number of copies at an absolute competitive price. You will then have a promising discount, but due to the limited number of products, there is no sufficient incentive for Amazon to include the offer in the flash series.

The deadline for registering lightning offers currently runs until July 10. Vendors can only register their products with the corresponding discounts and quotas as a lightning offer up to this deadline – and hope that Amazon accepts the offer.

tip: As soon as your flash offers are accepted, a special effort is worthwhile for these product pages, which will register a huge increase in traffic. Create or optimize A + pages of the corresponding products and don’t forget to refer to additional or similar products from your own portfolio. You will then benefit from the increasing reach of the discounted product in several ways.

Lightning deals on Amazon
Flash offers on Amazon (click on the picture to get a larger view), source: ad agents

2. Special offer

The special offers, which also appear as the “offer of the day”, always receive great attention. The discount is worth it, it is at least ten percent compared to the RRP (recommended retail price) and it is limited to a maximum of two weeks. The product details page shows how long the offer is still valid. Seasoned bargain hunters regularly check out the day’s worthwhile offers, and no one leaves the marketplace on Prime Day without looking at the day’s offers.

The goal for providers is therefore to be present with special offers, especially on Prime Day – which is not so easy. Special offers must be registered four weeks in advance, a spontaneous action is not possible. Since the exact date of Prime Day was only communicated at very short notice in the past, planning the special offers at the right time becomes a game of chance.

tip: Follow Amazon’s announcements regarding the exact date. Most of the time there are corresponding tips in advance and with a little luck you will be present at the right time.

Offer of the day on Amazon
Offer of the day at Amazon, source: ad agents

3. Discount

The normal discount is the classic form of the discount. Often not as radical in height as the special offer, but with a longer term. The offer can be defined for up to one year. The user is not informed when the offer expires. The discounts are listed in the special offers, but no longer prominently among the daily offers and without further advertising from Amazon, which is why the products are considered with less reach. The price reduction is made clear by a direct comparison with the crossed-out UVP price, hence the term “strike price”.

Products with a discount also benefit from the increased range on Prime Day and, above all, they can be used very quickly without a long lead time. In effect, however, they are in the shadow of the special or lightning offers for the day of the campaign.

tip: Make sure you introduce discounts around Prime Day so that you can reliably catch the eye with a strike price in the organic results pages.

Strike price at Amazon
Strike price at Amazon,

4. Coupon

Another discount option is the coupon. The retailer can enable this form of discount for single or multiple products and can determine whether a user can use the discount one or more times. The advantage for the retailer: The customer must log into his customer account before redeeming the coupon so that the distribution or accumulation per customer can be limited.

As part of the Prime Day, it should be emphasized that, unlike special offers, this discount can be used very reliably for the campaign day. However, you should now start planning the coupons, as there is a lead time of at least 21 days. When redeeming the coupons, a small amount goes to Amazon. The coupons can run for up to one year and the expenditure for the measure can – very usefully – be capped with budget ceilings.

tip: The coupon design is very flexible, not only can multiple ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) be included in the validity, but conditions can also be set for the submission. This allows you to limit the discount to the second product in the shopping cart, for example, and thus maximize the shopping cart size.

Coupon on Amazon
Coupon on Amazon, source: ad agents

The effect of the discounts described is very different. Do not sprinkle with the watering can or hope for good luck, but use the various options to discount your products in a targeted and meaningful way. And with all the discount fever you shouldn’t forget: The recipes for sales and reach on the marketplace that are valid at all times continue to apply.

  • Optimize your listings: Neat and meaningful detail pages, titles and bullets are the be-all and end-all of success. Informative A + pages increase sales opportunities and offer space for corporate identity and brand loyalty.
  • Place ads: With targeted ads you can improve your sales history and thus also your organic rankings, you can introduce new products, operate brand management or displace competitors.

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