IPhone 12 and 12 Pro trial: better in every way

Just place an iPhone 11 and a iPhone 12 to realize the differences.

The 12 Pro’s stainless steel shell with textured matte glass back exudes quality and strength. It would almost be a sin to wrap it in a case, no matter how chic. The 12 with aluminum case and glass back looks a lot like its Pro cousin with a glossier finish.

The most astonishing still remains the screen which is in clear progress compared to the iPhone 11 that I have since its release. Today, in bright sunlight, the Model 12’s display is easy to read, whereas with the 11 you had to seek shade.

See the difference at 50% power

On the left, the 12th, on the right the 11th.

Apple uses a specially treated glass called Ceramic Shield made of “nanoceramic crystals – harder than most metals – embedded in glass.” We promise here something solid for this screen called Super Retina XDR on the two 12 and 12 Pro models. Visually, the icons show more depth.

In terms of size, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are slightly more compact than an iPhone 11 despite an identical 6.1-inch screen, in particular thanks to the thinner bezels and straight, non-rounded shell edges as on the 11.

A word about water resistance, these devices are rated IP68, which gives them an endurance of 30 min submerged up to 6 m.

Faster in 4G LTE than an iPhone 11

I was really surprised. The iPhone 12 is much faster, even on 4G!

See for yourself my speed tests carried out in Verdun. Same operator (Fizz-Videotron), same Speedtest application and same location on the roof to obtain the best possible connection, without obstacles. And two different servers to distribute the results.

IPhone 11 speeds: 50 to 60 Mb / s

IPhone 12 Pro speeds: 100 to 118 Mb / s

When downloading, the new iPhone 12 is generally twice as fast as my iPhone 11. When uploading, no surprise, it’s the same. And the ping (a function that measures the time taken by data to make a round trip) are also similar.

This power and increased speed in 4G is in my opinion more important than the promises of 5G.

5G? Not really important at this time

A word on the famous 5G. With new phones coming out at an insane rate this fall, cell phone operators and manufacturers are weighing heavily on the 5G argument to sell and brag about their devices of course, but more importantly to offer substantial and more expensive plans.

But the reality is really quite different. The full deployment of 5G networks will take many months, if not years in the regions. In addition, your device will only use 5G bands when necessary, most of the time it will run on 4G LTE.

Technically, the fragile millimeter frequencies used in 5G will have difficulty breaking through walls, so your device will switch to the lower frequencies of the 4G bands.

No charger … and that’s fine

For Apple, it’s one less accessory in each box which suddenly becomes more compact – thus more boxes per volume transported and stored. As an accessory, there is only a Lightning-USB-C cable.

Like Apple, I think it’s best to let people choose their charger. I think this is the best decision, I myself no longer take the cables and chargers out of the phone boxes. I prefer to use mine which are more powerful, therefore faster to recharge.

With the possibility of induction charging (wireless), the advantages are numerous, especially with the in-house product MagSafe.

Price $

This is also a good point for reducing e-waste and I bet other competitors will follow this precedent.

True to Apple prices, prices blithely exceed $ 1,000.

The iPhone 12 (C $ 1,129) and 12 Pro (C $ 1,399) are on sale starting today.

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